Why Women Need to be Lifting (Heavy) Weights

Why Women Need to be Lifting (Heavy) Weights.


Wednesday – From high blocks and FS volume

I didn’t train at all yesterday, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the double session on Monday hit me harder than I thought. Secondly, a 10 hour working day with 1.25hrs of driving either side meant I had a choice – see my family or get a light session in. Family will always win…always.

I was still feeling pretty tired this morning so I went from high blocks.

Wednesday 31st October

Snatch from high blocks – 100kg

In the build up I actually ended up going 3×90, 3×95, 3×97.5 (failing the first 2 reps at each weight), then nailing 100 on the first attempt!? Did I mention I hate snatching?

C&J from high blocks – 135kg

This was a little simpler. Straight through to 120, then a double attempt as 130 and only one attempt need to get 135.

Front squat 5×3 – 150kg



Monday – AM & PM

After a nice relaxing weekend climbing trees and ‘trimming’ them, I decided to get a AM and PM session in today. I think it’s called ‘making hay’?

Monday 29th October


Descending 3 point pause snatch – 102.5kg

(Stand the bar up, pause at hip, below knee and 1″ off the floor)

Ascending 3 point pause C&J – 130kg

(Pause 1″ off the floor, below knee and at hip)


EMOM 8×1 snatch/hang snatch @ 75% – 80kg

EMOM 8×1 power clean/fs/jerk @ 75% – 105kg

Max back squat single – 200kg

After all the volume today I was pleased to see 200 move as quickly as it did.



Something For The Weekend




MAX DAY – Chasing 250

Max Day seems to come around so fast! Tired and aching this morning but, surprisingly, my jump came in at a respectable 27.9, just 1.3 under Monday’s. Based on that, I was expecting a good session…

Friday 26th October

Max snatch – 107.5kg

Max C&J – 140kg

A 2.5kg PB total, but I was hoping for a triple PB today. As you can see in the video, I attempted 110/142.5 – it didn’t come off today…


Maybe the volume in the session had someting to do with it!?

Have a great weekend and stay strong!


Jerk volume and LOTS of mobility

Feeling a little fragile today…yesterday has left its mark!

Thursday 25th October

30 mins of ankle, hip and T-spine mobility

15×1 EMOM jerk at 80%  – 112.5kg

FYI – Jerking without blocks sucks!




I’m blogging this from my car. I am sitting in a car park, don’t worry!

Anyway, pausing sucks. Being patient sucks. However, it brings great rewards. I paused my snatch and clean below the knee today, and my jerk at the bottom of the dip. Pausing the snatch seems to help me finish right in the hip and I get under much quicker. Pausing in the jerk helps my dip/drive stay vertical – it is just makes 130 feel like 150!

Wednesday 24th October

Pause snatch – 102.5

Pause clean pause jerk – 130

Pause (3s) FS double – 150

My head felt like it was going to explode coming out of the final squat!