Tuesday – EMOM Board Snatch, Squat, Pulls & GHRs

I felt pretty good today. My CMJ (Countermovement jump) came in at 28.2, which was only 1″ down on yesterday, so I decided to cram some extra volume in. The jump is quite a good indicator of neuromuscular fatigue and I’m going to jump at the start of each session to help me decide on the volume during the session. I’d like to use a drop jump and measure ground contact time. We don’t have a KMS mat to be able to it so this is the next best thing.

Tuesday 23rd October

10×1 EMOM Board Snatch – 80kg

5×3 Back Squat – 170kg

a) 3×5 Prone Pull – 100kg

b) 3×8 GHRs (3-0-1-0)

It felt good to get some extra work done today. Hopefully it won’t impact on the rest of the week!


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