Just Playing Around

My body seems to be enjoying things this week. Plyaing around with complexes,  exercises, sets and reps I wouldn’t normally use…it’s fun!

Shankle Complex – 120kg (I just missed 125kg, it’s there though!)



Squat Jerk – 100kg (I need some more thoracic spine mobility (and speed) to go much heavier)


A) 3×5 RFE Split Squat – 80kg across

B) 3x20m Death March – 17.5kg DBs


The marching sucked!



Training Day

This week is my first training day of a ‘deload’ week. So I hit some movements and sets/reps I’ve not used in a while.

5RM high hang snatch – 85kg

3×8 GHR

5×5 jerk from split – 40kg (just working foot position)

My ‘RESTORING JOINT FUNCTION‘ article has been posted on Elite FTS. Check it out here.


Online Coaching Spaces

There are a few athletes are coming to the end of their Athletic Evolution programming this month. This means that there will be a few spaces for online/distance coaching, 5 to be exact. If you are interested, just fill in the form and I’ll send you the relevant information.





WOD – Auxillary Day and Volume Day

Thursday 23rd August

5×3 snatch pulls – 110kg

2 minutes rest between sets


3×5 snatch grip back extension – 60kg

2 minutes rest between sets


3×8 HSPU – 2″ deficit

2 minutes rest between sets

3x20s L hold

40s rest between sets

Friday 24th August

EMOM 10×1 snatch – 90kg

No misses – each rep just got better and better

EMOM 10×3 back squat – 145kg

EMOM 10×3 press – 60kg

Considering how I felt through the middle of the week, I’m really pleased with the past two days.


WOD – 3 point pause snatch and jumps

August 22nd 2012

5×2 3 point pause snatch – 80kg

2 minutes rest between sets

Pausing below the knee (Pendlay position 2), above the knee (Attitude Nation Superman Pull) and at hip (Pendlay position 1)

Check out this video for the positions


5×3 depth jumps

2 minutes rest between sets

Jumps were from a 30″ box to a 46″ box


WOD – Board snatch, Pendlay row and deficit HSPU

August 21st 2012

5×3 board snatch – 40-50-60-60-70kg (performed in clusters)

4×5 Pendlay row – 100kg across

3×8 HSPUs to a 2″ deficit

My body is feeling tired…just a few more training days until a deload week! On a more positive note – the board snatch has really highlighted how much I am using strength to recover my positioning at the top of the pull. I have no choice but the get in my heels earlier when pulling off the board and, MAN, am I moving under the bar much faster! It will place a big role on skill days in the future!


Tough Day At The Office

Wow! This the first day that I’ve seen no progression in at least one lift since starting this program. Everything felt rough today. It’s almost like my body is telling its time for a deload week before starting the next phase…and right on cue – I have a deload week next week.
I can’t really complain though, I lifted within 95% of my maxes.

1RM snatch – 95kg (I got 102.5 overhead but I was soft on the catch)

3RM back squat – 180kg (I got 190 for a single, I just lost my head coming out of the next rep)

3RM press – 75kg (I pressed 77.5 for 2 reps)

On reflection I should be fairly satisfied with the session but I was hoping to continue my progress with the snatch…The next phase should see to that…hopefully!

How has your training gone today?