Max Effort Monday

July 30th 2012

20 minutes to establish max clean and jerk – 135kg

This was a 2.5kg PB. I ran out odf time to attempt 137.5 but it felt good


20 minutes to establish 3RM front squat – 160kg

This was a 5kg PB. The last rep felt slow. I, maybe, had another 2.5kg in there!


20 minutes to establish 3RM close grip bench – 115kg

I got 2 reps at 120kg. I’m not overly bothered by this. It purely to get some pressing volume in without stressing my glass shoulders. 115kg felt fast though!


Let me know how your start to the week has gone! I quite enjoyed enjoyed mine!



WOD – Volume Day

July 27th 2012

EMOM 10×1   – Snatch – 82.5kg – this felt REALLY good today. Everything seemed to click – hitting the superman pull just help me ‘pop’ straight into the pocket. It felt like I had an age to get under the bar.

EMOM 10×3 – Front squat  – 125kg – The first 3 sets felt slow. I seemed to build the speed with each set.

EMOM 10×3  – Close grip bench – 95kg – Nothing to report. Fairly comfortable.

Another week in the books!


WOD – Hip Thrusts, MUs and L Holds

July 26th 2012

4×5 Hip Bridges – 130-150-155-160kg

2 minutes rest between sets – I tried Bret Contreras’ American style bridges, check out his informative article on hip thrusts here. Here’s a video of the American style:

30 MUs for time – 10 false grip, 10 no false grip, 10 strict – 8:49

EMOM 6x10s L holds on DBs

That was GOOD fun today! How did your training go? Let me know!


WOD – Speed Day

25 July 2012

5×2 double hang snatch – 80kg

2 minutes rest between sets


5×2 single leg drive box jumps

2 minutes rest between sets


5x 30m sprints

Full recovery between sets


WOD – Deficit HSPUs, Weighted Pull-ups and DB Rows

20 minutes to establish 5RM max deficit HSPUs – 5 inches

4×5 weighted pull-ups – 26, 30, 34, 34kg

2 minutes rest between sets

3×8 one arm DB rows – 50kg


WOD – ME Day

20  minutes to establish 1RM clean and jerk – 132.5kg

20 minutes to establish 3RM front squat – 155kg

20 minutes to establish 3RM close grip bench – 117.5kg

All three lifts were equal PBs. Got under 135kg on the jerk three times! Just a little too forward, it’s there though!


Gentlemen, start your engines!

I’ve been waiting for this day for 2 months. Our Senior Rugby Academy return to college today to start the pre-season camp.

They have been lifting & running since the start of June, now I finally get my hands on them! It’s a testing week this week – seeing exactly who has been following the program whilst they’ve been away. The REAL fun starts next week! I’ll post more then…I don’t want to give too much away!

Over the next 3-4 weeks we have another 4 different squads coming back. By August 20th we have 185 athletes back…it’s gonna by busy but great fun…as long as the weather holds!