About Athletic Evolution




The owner of Athletic Evolution, Owen Satterley, is a UKSCA and CSCS accredited S&C coach. In his current role as Head S&C coach at Hartpury College, oversees the S&C programs across the various Sports Academies – including Mens (Senior and U18s) and Womens rugby (U18s), football (Senior and U18s), golf, netball, modern pentathlon and rowing. He also works within the TASS network delivering S&C to young elite athletes across several sports.


Previously Owen has worked with Gloucester Rugby and prior to that he spent his time working in London, Australia and New Zealand as an S&C/Fitness Consultant working across varirous sports; including rugby (union and league), golf, swimming and surfing. Owen, also, has a keen interest in CrossFit as a competitive athlete.



Olympic lifting
Power and strength development
Anaerobic conditioning


2 thoughts on “About Athletic Evolution

  1. Hi Owen

    I was at hartpury 2 year ago doing sport science and in the football under 19 and senior , currently back in france coaching football and doing a bit of PT’ing was wondering if they is any upcoming seminar on nutrition i could fly over to attend of any online nutrition course i could do (Buzzing for more knowlege !! the heath and fitness industry is so behing in France)

    ps : miss that hartpury conditioning gym sooooooo much

    • Hi Ben,

      Off the top of my head I can’t really give you any decent courses to attend. Just get online, find ebooks and read. Nutrition is a very grey area, there’s no ‘one size fits all’. You need to evaluate as many rescources as possible and make informed decisions on what to share with your clients. Read around the paleo diet, carb back loading, intermittent fasting etc and find what works for you and your clients.

      Good luck!


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