Wednesday – From high blocks and FS volume

I didn’t train at all yesterday, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the double session on Monday hit me harder than I thought. Secondly, a 10 hour working day with 1.25hrs of driving either side meant I had a choice – see my family or get a light session in. Family will always win…always.

I was still feeling pretty tired this morning so I went from high blocks.

Wednesday 31st October

Snatch from high blocks – 100kg

In the build up I actually ended up going 3×90, 3×95, 3×97.5 (failing the first 2 reps at each weight), then nailing 100 on the first attempt!? Did I mention I hate snatching?

C&J from high blocks – 135kg

This was a little simpler. Straight through to 120, then a double attempt as 130 and only one attempt need to get 135.

Front squat 5×3 – 150kg



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