Prep for 12.2

Mentally, I’m glad that 12.1 is out of the way…burpees don’t agree with me. Bring on 12.2!

Training has been good again this week. We’ve been hitting hand release push ups every week as they can slow me down.

Mondays session

C&J to heavy single

110kg (my shoulder started playing up)

Max clean


3 rounds for time:
30 hand release pushups
15 single arm DB power snatch (L&R), 20kg
300m row


Tuesdays session

1RM front squat

155 (it felt comfortable too)

3×3 back squat using the front squat weight

20min AMRAP
20/40/60m suicides (10m and back, 20m and back, 30m and back)
10 DB squat cleans, 20kg
Rest 1 min between rounds

10 rounds + 4 cleans

Wednesdays session
Prehab circuit of briefcase carries, reverse hypers and face pulls

Power snatch to heavy single


All in all, I’m happy with how things are going; now I’d just like something short and heavy tomorrow!



Back to what I know…and like best!

I’m not going to lie, the Open WOD (12.1) sucked BIG TIME! I don’t like burpees and I don’t feel like I’m well suited to them. They make me feel heavy and cumbersome. Today I hit some C&J and the burpees even made that feel cumbersome and slow…I mean – COME ON!

Today, Coach let me have some ‘fun’ as a reward for doing something that I REALLY didn’t want to do yesterday!

Fridays Session

Clean and Jerk to heavy single

115kg (things just weren’t firing today. 120 went overhead comfortably but my footwork was just way off)

Followed by: 3 sets, at 100kg, of:

2x Front squat

1x Jerk

Then the really fun part!!


5 rounds for time:

12 deadlift, 70kg

9 hang power clean, 70kg

6 push jerk, 70kg

6:39 (a 1 second PB! EVERY SECOND COUNTS, right!?)


CrossFit Open Workout 12.1

I’m glad that’s out of the way! My big hope is that they get each workout gets heavier from here! I said I’m only doing each workout once…and as far as this one is concerned, I’m sticking to that promise!


Upwards and onwards! Good luck everyone…stay fit!


And So It Begins…

My first competitive CrossFit event was at CrossFit Velocity in 2009. March 2010, I won the UK Sectional in Mildenhall. Early April and my wife had a massive

car accident whilst 38 weeks pregnant. CrossFit HQ arranged for me to compete in the North East Regional amongst the likes of Hobart, Orlando, Maleollo and Tyminski – to name but a few! Somehow I managed to sublux a ribhead…competition over!

Turn to 2011 – things were going well, then the Saturday before Open WOD 4 I tore my PCL playing rugby…game over, AGAIN!

2012 – Here we are, on the eve of the Open. Am I anxious to find out what the WOD is? I can honestly say no.

Why? Because I’m not worried about it. Training has been going well…REALLY well. The way we sacrificed my conditioning last year, to get strong, has had a hugely positive effect on my training. I feel it has helped improve my capacity – I mean; the strength gains mean that I don’t have to let go of the bar as often. This should bode well for the Open!

The past 2 years have been infuriating. Call it fate, call it bad luck, call it what ever the hell you want…it’s done now. I’m done with it. I’m done with thinking about the ‘what if’s’. I’m done with thinking about whether or not I should bother at all this year – and that though had been at the forefront of my mind A LOT…no more.

Yes, there are some incredible athletes putting up some crazy numbers…that doesn’t bother me. Right now I’m competing against myself, no one else. I am my focus. I need to get to Copenhagen…I need to peak in May. I need to pay back all the support I’ve had from my coach, Jacob Tsypkin. I need to show the CrossFit community how grateful I am for the support they showed by helping me get out to Albany, NY in 2010.


All these things are driving me on. They are the things that make me hold on to the bar longer than I think I can. They are the things that will not allow me fail.





CrossFit Games Open 2012 and my relationship with squatting

Training is going well (I hope that’s not a curse!). Knee is fine, shoulder seems to be holding up too! We have made a decision to just give each Open WOD one shot. This will allow me to keep training hard, as doing well in the Open isn’t the main goal here. We are looking to peak for Regionals…which reminds me, I need to renew my passport!

Mondays session:

Squat to a heavy triple



20 minute AMRAP

400m run

10 box jumps, 30″

3 strict muscle ups

8 rounds

It breaks my heart to say this but; I seem to have fallen out of love with back squat. 😦

Last year I used the Texas Method to get my squat up to 200kg. Then, I contracted shingles and it really knocked the wind out of my sails and, seemingly, undid all the hard work! My numbers are pretty much to where they were when I started using TM. There are factors to take into account, obviously. My conditioning volume was VERY low during the TM phase, maybe 2 short conditioning session per week. Whereas now, my conditioning volume is up to 5/7 sessions per week…with LOTS of running! Today saw me run 8x400m around 80 box jumps and 24 strict MUs (and as you all know, running sucks!).

Secondly, shingles attacks your nervous system, and I am still getting pain where the main break out was. My head is still sensitive and my neck/throat area is pretty much numb. 170×3 felt WAAAY heavier than the 190×3 I hit at the end of the TM phase. It’s pretty soul destroying, especially when my front squat doesn’t seem to have been affected. My new 3RM is 150kg and I’ve hit that a few times since getting over the shingles episode. Back squatting just doesn’t float my boat right now and it’s getting me down. We used to have such a good relationship! Each week, I’d add more weight to the bar and each week I’d put up a new PB. It now feels like the bar has moved on and I’m just not good enough any more.


Tomorrow promises to be quite a gasser! So, stay tuned!


Working the Jerk

My max jerk is some 12.5kg under my max clean. This morning, after warming up with press/push press/jerk from split,  we hit a max clean & jerk. Then this afternoon we had a complex of clean & jerk, jerk at 75% of the max C&J from this morning. The press/push press/jerk from split comes from California Strength – here’s a video of Coach Pendlay and Donny Shankle talking through it’s benefits.



Using this drill seems to really help me get my footwork down. Since being able to jerk again (after chronic shoulder impingement), I haven’t hit anything more than 120kg. That changed today. The jerk felt fast and solid, and I finished up at 127.5kg – just 2.5kg under my PB.

I gave 132.5kg a shot…as per usual the clean was comfortable; the jerk felt like I’d added  20kg not 5kg!

Just as  a side note:

Yesterday I contracted another case of Prowler Flu with a colleague, and good friend of mine – Jon ‘The Oak’ Pamment. Jon is competing in the Open this year, and stands a good chance of making it to Regionals.

Partner WOD

3 rounds for time:

Partner A completes 100m fireman’s carry (50m turnaround)

Partner B completes 100m prowler push, 60kg (50m low handle, 50m high handles)

Partner A completes 100m prowler push, 60kg (50m low handle, 50m high handles)

Partner B completes 100m fireman’s carry (50m turnaround)



Tough Day

We had two tough WODs programmed today. I am feeling the full effects of of both right now!


20 minute AMRAP:

400m run carrying a 25kg plate

30 OH walking lunges, 25kg

30 hand release push-ups

4 rounds + 180m

I managed to keep moving but the hand release push-ups were a particular treat. They slowed me down the most…and they’ll probably need to be programmed in a little more.

PM (2 hours later at CROSSFIT GLEVUM)

5 rounds for time:

750m row

10 squat cleans, 60kg



Tomorrow is going to be a fun day…a partner WOD with fireman carries and a heavy prowler! YAY PROWLER FLU!!


Heavy to Light

Todays WODs were quite a contrast!


At the top of a 4 minute clock, perform:
5 back squats, 150kg
5 push press, 80kg
5 muscle-ups

Repeat every 4 minutes for a total of 5 sets.  Time each set individually.

1) 1:00:4

2) 0:58:6

3) 1:02:1

4) 1:00:7

5) 1:01

Rest 10 minutes before WOD 2


For time:


KB swing, 24kg




Just a few things…

THE SICFIT London Throwdown

Today sees the first ever CrossFit competition in London. Some of Europe’s established and emerging CrossFit athletes are competing over two days at Brunel University.

Check out for more info on the event, and for video footage from the event.

New Athletic Evolution Athletes

Next week sees Athletic Evolution team up with two athletes involved with England Womens Rugby. One is, let’s say, more established and the other is just emerging on to the scene. They are Danielle Waterman a.k.a Nolli and Charlotte Keane.

Here’s a little look at what we are working with!


New Toy!

We have an amazing new camera in work. It has the ability to capture footage at 600 fps…I think. Anyway, it has a high speed capture setting. We’ll be using it from a coaching perspective to improve lifting, running and jumping technique. The sports coaches will use it for similar purposes.

I got my hands on it today and had a little play around during my training session. Here’s the footage


Pause clean, Jerk, Jerk from split at 90kg

Pause clean, Jerk, Jerk from split at 70kg


Friday’s WOD

Pause clean, jerk, jerk from split

Moderate single


Clean & Jerk to heavy single


AMRAP 12mins

5 power snatch, 70kg

400m run

5 rounds + 45m run