WOD – Volume Day

June 29th 2012

10×1 EMOM – snatch at 85kg (85%)
10×3 EMOM – squat at 145kg
10×3 EMOM – push press at 85kg

This is the last week of the first wave of this cycle. We change the movement to front squat, close grip bench and clean & jerk. The auxiliary days also change. New pulling and posterior chain exercises there too. The weekly format will stay the same.

That was tough today!



WOD – GHRs, Muscle Ups and Midline

June 28th 2012

4×5 Tempo Glute Ham Raises – 3-1-x-0

3 second lower, 1 second hold at parallel, explode back to start and repeat with no pause at the top

2 minutes rest between sets

20 mins of muscle ups – alternating between no false grip and strict

4×6 standing barbell roll outs (band assisted)


Ring Complex


As promised earlier this week – the ring complex I’ve been playing around with. There is still a huge amount of work to do to get into the positions properly…

This is what I think I look like…

And this is what I ACTUALLY look like…

Definitely a ‘work in progress’!


WOD – Cleans, Plyos and Sprints

June 27th 2012

Today I visited Lee Valley Athletics Stadium to spend some time with UK Athletics (UKA) and in particular, Dan Pfaff. The guy is like Yoda – it was amazing to spend just a little time with him, watching him work and getting some insightful one-liners from him. It was also awesome to train at a facility being used to prep GB athletes for the 2012 Olympics!

5×2 cleans from blocks – 117.5kg

2 minutes rest between sets


5×3 Russian Stops – final set with hurdles at 1.07m (how 110m hurdlers get over these at such a pace is incredible!)

2 minutes rest between sets


5x 20m sprints

Full recovery

By the way – the second part of the Todd Hargrove post on ‘Who Is The Best Athlete In The World?’ is out. Check it out here!

Oh by the way…#London2012


WOD – Pulling, Handstands and Levers

June 26th 2012

4×5 Prone Pull – 90-100(PB)-95–95

20 minutes of ME handstand walks – hit a new PB of 23.8m…very pleased!

20 minutes of ring work – complex of: strict MU, tuck planche, roll through, tuck front lever, inverted hang, back lever, skin the cat, L hold. Approximately 3 second holds in each position. I’ll film it next week!

On a separate note – I’m heading to Lee Valley Athletics Stadium tomorrow to spend some time with a UK Athletics sprint coach. Unfortunately, most of the big guns will be heading to the European Championships this weekend but it’ll be an interesting day for sure! Plus I’ll get to train at an awesome facility AND do my sprint session on a track. Good times! I’ll post photos to twitter during the day tomorrow…stay tuned!


Who Is The Best Athlete In The World?

Todd Hargrove posted an article, check it out here:


I can’t wait to read the next post. Based on the first part of the post I thought I’d link a few of my favourite ‘movers’. Let me know your opinions, please!


WOD – Max Effort Monday


June 25th 2012

The volume load was higher on Friday but my body seems to be settling back into a lifting proram quite quickly. I felt no after effects over the weekend, whereas the first volume session smoked me! I didin’t quite manage my target on the snatch but nailed the squat and push press, with some left in the tank.

20 miutes to establish 1RM snatch – 97.5kg (I got under 100kg 3 times. Losing out the back on the first, soft at the bottom on the second and out in front on the third…it’s definitely there though)

20 minutes to establish 3RM back squat – 180kg (185kg was doable today, I think. I just want to keep the numbers rising each week)

20 minutes to establish 3RM push press – 105kg (Shoulder and wrist felt ok under the load, which is encouraging)