The Power Of The Singlet


2.5kg snatch PB, 2.5kg total PB and 3RM back squat PB of 2.5kg!



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Friday, FUN DAY!

Pretty good session today The snatch was, well…it was the snatch! Got under 107.5 five times, just couldn’t stick it! I lost them all forward after a good 2-3 second battle to regain it. The clean is back on track, it would seem! I stood up with 147.5 today, nearly stuck the jerk too! looking forward to tapering next week!

Friday 22nd February 2013

Snatch to max – 105

C&J to max – 140

Clean to max – 147.5

1&1/4 Front Squat – 160



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The past few days

Update from Tuesday and yesterday

Tuesday 12th February 2013

Snatch – 102.5

C&J – 137.5

Wednesday 13th February 2013

Snatch to heavy single – 102.5kg

Snatch DL to Lo Hang Snatch – 100kg

C&J to heavy single – 135kg

Clean DL to Lo Hang C&J – 130kg

Front Squat to heavy double – 160kg


LOOOOOONG session!


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EMOM Power Variations

Thursday 20th December 

– Power snatch – 75% x 1 x 10; 1 min rest
– Power clean & jerk – 75% x 1 x 10; 1 min rest
– Front squat – 75% x 1 x 5; focus on speed up


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Naim Süleymanoğlu



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Friday – Max Day – Chasing 110

Well, it felt like today was going to be the day that I caught the unicorn…it escaped me once more. I have set a goal of catching the elusive 110kg beast by Christmas. I’m getting closer and closer yet, every week she manages to slip away. I catch it unaware, I move fast enough to get underneath however, my arms lag behind and I can’t seem to flip it over at the last minute to stand her up. We’ll try again next week.

Oh, by the way, we lifted to some EPICNESS today, listen to this!

Friday 16th November

Max snatch – 107.5kg (The best snatch I’ve ever made. Crisp turnover, sitting in the pocket. Only one attempt required!)

Max C&J – 140kg (I went for 145 once before jumping to 147.5 for a C&J PB. In hindsight, I’d of just attempted 145 again for a total PB…my legs were toast!)

Pleased with 107.5/140/247.5. I’ll break the 250 barrier next week.

Have a great weekend y’all



I haven’t done really heavy power variations in quite a while; probably back before regionals! IT.FELT.GOOD!

I set 15 minute time limits so that I couldn’t go crazy with the volume. I think the session went quite well!

Tuesday 6th November

15 minutes to establish 1RM power snatch – 100kg (7.5kg PB)

15 minutes to establish 1RM power clean, double power jerk – 130kg (PB – only because it’s a complex I’ve never done before…I’m taking it!)

15 minutes to establish 3RM front squat – 165kg (5kg PB – I also got 170×2 which is a double PB)

It was a running clock, so no rest time between elements. I got quite a sweat on!


Twas fun though!



Max Day – The Power of The Singlet

What a great end to the week! I felt great going into the session – my jump came out at 30.3, just 0.1 under Monday. I just had a feeling things were going to come together…

Friday 2nd November

Max Snatch – 105 (110 is frustratingly close!)

I mean, how did I miss this!?

This was my 3rd attempt in the video below

Max C&J – 145kg (5kg PB)

Max clean – 150kg

That’s a PB C&J and a PB total. I’m beyond stoked as this was my Christmas goal. My other goal by the end of the year was a 110kg snatch and that’s close too!

What a great week!


Good luck to all my CrossFit buddies competing in Divided We Fall 2012 in Swansea this weekend. It promises to be an EPIC weekend!






Monday – AM & PM

After a nice relaxing weekend climbing trees and ‘trimming’ them, I decided to get a AM and PM session in today. I think it’s called ‘making hay’?

Monday 29th October


Descending 3 point pause snatch – 102.5kg

(Stand the bar up, pause at hip, below knee and 1″ off the floor)

Ascending 3 point pause C&J – 130kg

(Pause 1″ off the floor, below knee and at hip)


EMOM 8×1 snatch/hang snatch @ 75% – 80kg

EMOM 8×1 power clean/fs/jerk @ 75% – 105kg

Max back squat single – 200kg

After all the volume today I was pleased to see 200 move as quickly as it did.



MAX DAY – Chasing 250

Max Day seems to come around so fast! Tired and aching this morning but, surprisingly, my jump came in at a respectable 27.9, just 1.3 under Monday’s. Based on that, I was expecting a good session…

Friday 26th October

Max snatch – 107.5kg

Max C&J – 140kg

A 2.5kg PB total, but I was hoping for a triple PB today. As you can see in the video, I attempted 110/142.5 – it didn’t come off today…


Maybe the volume in the session had someting to do with it!?

Have a great weekend and stay strong!