An ‘Up and Down’ Week

I haven’t posted since last Friday when I had the most amazing session.

On Monday I did some percentage work, only up to 85% (~92.5kg and ~122.5kg). I made just 3 of 7 attempts on the snatch! Not a good day at all, something didn’t feel right at all. Monday night I fell foul of a stomach bug – along with everyone else in my house. I’m going to assume that explains the poor training session.

Tuesday and Wednesday were a complete write off. Wednesday, I could only manage some mobility/positional work.


Can you tell which side I worked on?

Thursday was my wedding anniversary and my wife and I had a long overdue day out…on our own! Yes, that’s right, we had a ‘date’!

Today, I decided to start the session very slowly. Lots of volume, only increasing the load (on the snatch) when happy with the lift. The C&J I decided to keep the weight down by hitting some triples. Here’s how the session panned out.

Friday 30th November

photo (3)


Pretty happy with the technical side of the snatch, it felt pretty consistent. I’m even happier with 3RM C&J at 130kg





Today I Caught The Unicorn

Today, after many weeks of failure, I caught the unicorn! I have spent the week adjusting things to help – starting further away from the bar, moving slowly and deliberately through the pull to hit better positions. IT WORKED!

No misses up to 100, then two attempts at 105 before tackling 110. Attempts 1 and 2, I lost forward. Pulling off the floor too fast and ending up in my toes. I then relied on the work done during the week. I slowed the first pull a little and BAM the bar was in my hip and I knew I had caught it! It felt no different to pulling 100…112 felt like 130! I don’t care! I caught the unicorn!

Friday 23rd November

Max snatch – 110

Max C&J – 145

Max BS – 200

That’s a 2.5 PB snatch and a 5kg PB total. I equalled my C&J and BS PBs too!

I’m going lay off maxing out, on singles at least, for a few weeks. It’s time to nail some consistency! I now know I can lift 110/145, which is 5kg more that my end of year target.


Anyone for thrusters?

Now, there’s a movement I haven’t done in a while – thrusters!

Thursday 22nd November

Build to a heavy (not max) thruster – 110kg

a) Prone Pull 3×5 – 100-110-110kg

b) Supine Static Bridge 3x30s – 25-40-50kg

It felt good to do something different.



Slow Is Smooth, Smooth Is Fast

This title comes straight from Coach Burgener. He’s right! Yesterday I worked on position and pulling under. Today I used a tempo’d pull to hit the positions without pausing. The pull was about 3-4 seconds before rapidly accelerating at the hip. It allowed me to emphasise position and be really patient!

It was inspired by this, just not as good!


Wednesday 21st November

Tempo snatch (3s pull) – 40×2, 50×2, 60×2, 70×1, 80×1, 90×1, 95×1, 97.5×1, 100×1

Tempo C&J (3s pull) – 100, 110, 120, 125, 130


Are you REALLY in pain?

I’ve spent some time (quite a lot) reading, and re-reading a great series of posts from Todd Hargrove. He is summarising talks by Lorimer Moseley and Paul Hodges on the issues of chronic pain and motor control.

WARNING – Prepare for you brain to be fried!

Here are the links

Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4

These first four parts are just his thoughts on Moseley’s talk. He hasn’t started on Paul Hodges!!

I’d love to here your thoughts!



Skills & Squats

After the great input I received on my 110kg attempts video on Friday, I decided to use today to work on some of the advice. The advice included getting back into my heels earlier, load the hammys more by staying over the bar longer and a more aggresive turnover. I spent a while last night trying to figure out how I could work on all these points in one session…I came up with this. NO FEET/3 POINT PAUSE SNATCH

The ‘No Feet’ element requires you to start with your feet in your receiving position and they shouldn’t move whilst you are moving through the pull into the catch.

The 3 point pause means moving slowly, checking off the positions below the knee, above the knee and at the hip. Emphasising staying over the bar for as long as possible.

Here’s a front on view at 80kg


Tuesday 20th November

No Feet/3 point pause snatch – 40×2, 50×2, 60×2, 70×2, 80×2, 85×1, 90×1

5×2 1&1/4 Front Squat – 110-130-140-150-155

Here’s the video of the rest of the session!



Monday – EMOM Volume

I took four lifts at each weight before increasing. I tried to start with the slightly further away at the start, allowing me to sweep it back more and get into my heels more. It felt a little strange. I’ll work on it more tomorrow!

Monday 19th November

15×1 EMOM Snatch – 90/90/90/90/92.5/92.5/92.5/92.5/95/95/95/95/97.5/97.5/100

15×1 EMOM C&J – 122.5/122.5/122.5/122.5/125/125/125/125/125/127.5/127.5/127.5/130/130/130