Simple Mobility Drills

No frills, nothing fancy…just eat your mobility vegetables…



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Friday – MAX OUT

Ouch! That was tough today! The squat volume (and tiny amount of conditioning) have taken it’s toll. Everything felt SLOW and HEAVY! I tweaked my hip on the snatch and it was uncomfortable through the rest of the session. I’m not expecting to hit regular PBs during the next 5 weeks as it’s more about accumulating volume. With that in mind, I’m pretty pleased with the outcome of today’s session!

Friday 11th January 2013

Snatch – Max for the day – 100kg

C&J – Max for the day – 140kg

Front squat – Max for the day – 170kg

Have a great weekend! Mine will be spent chasing the children (active recovery) and mobilising…LOTS!


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Jerk volume and LOTS of mobility

Feeling a little fragile today…yesterday has left its mark!

Thursday 25th October

30 mins of ankle, hip and T-spine mobility

15×1 EMOM jerk at 80%  – 112.5kg

FYI – Jerking without blocks sucks!




June 14th 2012

Mobility – Gymnastics – Auxillary Work

Warm and mobility work for T-spine, hips and ankles. I’ll post a video of the warm-up at some point, but a lot of it looks like this!


4×5 Glute Ham Raises  – worked up to 7kg of load

20mins of ring complex – x2 Strict MUs, roll through to inverted hang to front tuck lever to inverted hang to full back lever (2 second hold in each position)