Monday – AM & PM

After a nice relaxing weekend climbing trees and ‘trimming’ them, I decided to get a AM and PM session in today. I think it’s called ‘making hay’?

Monday 29th October


Descending 3 point pause snatch – 102.5kg

(Stand the bar up, pause at hip, below knee and 1″ off the floor)

Ascending 3 point pause C&J – 130kg

(Pause 1″ off the floor, below knee and at hip)


EMOM 8×1 snatch/hang snatch @ 75% – 80kg

EMOM 8×1 power clean/fs/jerk @ 75% – 105kg

Max back squat single – 200kg

After all the volume today I was pleased to see 200 move as quickly as it did.



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