Finally, I’ve qualified for the CrossFit Games European Regionals!¬†Plenty of hard work to be undertaken between now and then!

Yesterday, I spent the day at Twickenham and watched our Senior Rugby Academy become the BUCS champions, beating Durham University. Let me just set the scene…Durham came into the final with a two year unbeaten record, we received 3 yellow cards during the game AND played 6-7 mins with 13 men. We won the game 45-20!



After briefly (very briefly) celebrating that victory, our Junior Academy played against Henley College in the AASE League Final. Going into the final, our Junior Academy hadn’t lost in two years…and I’m glad to say that they STILL haven’t been beaten! They won their final 34-20!

AASE League CHAMPIONS 2011-12


Our Junior Rugby Academy and Girls Rugby Academy are playing in the Rosslyn Park 7s today and tomorrow. Any one fancy predicting the results!? ūüėČ

 #winning #puryfamily

I love seeing hard work pay off.



Friday Funday & Open WOD 12.5

I didn’t get to attempt this workout last year as I was nursing a ruptured PCL. After a few, fairly mediocre performances; I feel that I’ve just about redeemed myself on this WOD. I totaled 141 reps (18 rounds + 15 thrusters). If I’m being honest I got a little soft in the final minute and I dumped the bar rather than resting in the front rack…nevermind!

The Open has proved that I’m lacking a little bit when the WODs get longer, which means some lovely volume increases between now and Regionals…if I get there!

On a separate note: we had a testing session with our Girls Rugby Academy (16-18yo) today. They tested their 1RM power snatch for the first time today and they didn’t disappoint – with an average of 38.5kg and two girls crushing 50kg! The squat average has jumped 10kg in the past 3 months, with two girls squatting 90kg or more FOR 5 REPS! One athlete owned 95×5 at a body weight of 67.5kg, and she’s only been lifting since September 2011.

All these results have been made using a simple linear progression model. Who’d have thought that simple was effective, right!?¬†They are a pleasure to work with!

95×5 at 67.5kg BW





Jon North is just too funny!

Jon North…Attitute Salute…Watch it and laugh

On a separate note: Josh Gilbert is a beast!




‘The Field Splitter’

Holy skilled movements, Batman!

Last year we saw 55kg overhead squat and muscle ups; now we have double unders and muscle ups! I think the key to performing well here is not shooting your load during ‘Karen’. I’ve only ever done ‘Karen’ once (no sniggering, please) and I felt pretty decent on finishing. Which bodes well for getting through the double unders pretty quickly. Then it’s just a matter of making sure not to miss a rep on the muscle ups!

So the plan is: pace ‘Karen’ at 10 sets of 15, maximum of 2 sets on the double unders then see what state the shoulders are in for the muscle ups.

Good luck, everyone.



Lots of people are still talking about the burpee WOD. We are yet to see muscle ups, double unders or any other skilled movement that is going to split the field a little more.

Personally, I’m still holding out for a really heavy element in the middle of the workout. I’m also praying that it’s not going to be double unders this week as my left calf is still strapped up after a minor tear during 12.3 lat Thursday. This means that it probably WILL be double unders this week because that’s how my luck rolls!

Whatever comes up, I’ve got to make sure that I score high. I didn’t pace 12.3 very well at all, and i burned out very fast (and picked up an injury). I need two strong weeks to ensure I make it to Copenhagen. Then who knows what can happen, right!?

Let me know your thoughts on 12.4.



‚ÄéToday has been FUN!

Work started with a testing session for the Junior Rugby Academy (16-18yo). The results show an AVERAGE increase of 10kg on the squat, 6kg on the press (both 5RM), 5kg on the power cleans (1RM) and 6 pulls (max reps). Good start to the day!

This afternoon the Girls Rugby Academy crushed their volume work. Some squatting more than previous 5RM load for 3×5! BOOMSAUCE!

Then the coaches had their fun!

A good coach, and a good friend of mine, wrote an article entitled ‘Do Something Difficult Sessions’¬†– check it out. Our session today was inspired by the article! Cheers buddy!

Fridays Session

Partner WOD

30min AMRAP

Only one person working at a time. Complete the 1st station and rest while other partner completes it and then move on!

20m Yoke Carry, 180kg (10m turnaround. Yoke MUST be turned, not dropped)

40m Farmers Carry, 145kg (20m turnaround. Handles MUST be turned, not dropped)

5 Axle Push Press, 60kg (Axle MUST be cleaned from the ground)

5 Tire Flips, 120kg

19 rounds + yoke carry



That’ll do Donkey…that’ll do

I hit some power snatch yesterday for the first time in quite a while. I woke up this morning and checked the games site…GREAT, MORE SNATCHES! I hit 90kg for a single yesterday – tweaking my back AND my shoulder in the process. Not a good start!

I was quite nervous about hitting the WOD all day. Partly about my back and shoulder, partly because I hate Isabel (which was the 2nd round!).

3, 2, 1, GO!

I broke the first round down to 3×10, just like Froning and Bailey…that’s where the similarity ends! Round 2, a.k.a Isabel, I managed to hit 10×3, touch and go. I got through the second round in 3 minutes, which is an Isabel PB!

Changing the load from 62.5kg to 75kg took me about a minute! The first 10 reps of the 75kg round were awful. It felt heavy and slow, I missed a rep too. I wasn’t¬†moving¬†my¬†feet. I was trying to pull the bar too high (as per usual!). The 10 reps took me about 3 minutes. With about 1:30 remaining I made the decision to squat snatch. The reps weren’t full squat snatches, however, I started to move my feet and get under the bar. This allowed me to increase the pace, massively. I got through the next 11 reps in the remaining time, leaving me with a total of¬†81 reps.¬†

Whilst I’m happy and comfortable with the total, I can’t help wonder how close to 90 reps I’d have been had I made the change earlier. Am I going to do it again…


Good luck to you all, if you haven’t done it already!