I can officially say that I am a Kratos Nutrition Sponsored Athlete and a member of Team Kratos, along with some great athletes who are taking part in Train Manchester‘s inov-8 4 Nations event this weekend.  The other team members are focussing on CrossFit whereas my sole focus is now on weightlifting. Good luck guys!

There are a few guys competing in a weightlifting comp at Dragon CrossFit in Cardiff tomorrow. I can’t make it unfortunately, but it promises to be quite competitive!


It’s been a pretty good training week! PB snatch from low blocks of 100kg, new 5RM front squat at 150kg (with something left in the tank) and 3RM push press PB at 110kg. Oh, I forgot to mention today!

Friday 28th September

Max snatch – 100kg 

I got right under 107.5, only for my right elbow to go soft (as usual) and the bar nearly land on my head. It’s going high enough and back enough, just missing the timing of locking it out.

Max C&J – 137.5kg (2.5kg PB)

Max clean – 145kg (2.5kg PB)

I got stuck under 150kg. To be honest, I didn’t think I was going to get under it…it took me be surprise!


Good luck to everyone in the 4 Nations event tomorrow! Go Team Wales and Team Kratos!



Wednesdays training

I’m feeling lazy today, so here’s the video highlights!



Tuesday – Overhead + Pulling Work

I did behind the neck jerk for the first time ever today. I thought it was going to be far easier than jerking from the front. My body seems to be more comfortable jerking AFTER finishing the clean!

Tuesday 25th September

5×1 Behind the neck jerk – 130-140-145(f)-140-140(f)

3×3 drop snatch – 80-90-90

4×2 snatch pulls – 120kg

Frustrating session today. Heres to a better day tomorrow.


Hello Monday!!

It would seem that I work better with a time limit! I have been struggling to fit snatch, C&J and squatting into an hours. So, today I set a limit of 20 minutes on each lift.

High hang snatch to heavy single – 100kg

2×2 high hang snatch at 80%

High hang C&J to heavy single – 130kg

2x high hang C&J-J at 80%

3×5 back squat – 160kg

Extremely pleased with the session given how I felt going into it!


End of the week! Max Day…

It seems to have been a tough week. Its been a struggle to find the motivation to train these past couple of days. My back, knees and hands are in tatters. I didn’t squat Wednesday or today because my back feels like it is made of chocolate!

Thursday 20th September

5×1 positional snatch deadlift (Pendlay 3, 2, 1, 2, 1) – 80-90-100-110-120

5×3 Sotts push press – 40-50-60-70-80

Friday 21st September

Max snatch – 100kg

Max C&J  – 135kg

105 felt light and fast. Just forward EVERYTIME! 135 was probably only 2 white lights!


Lifting from blocks

Wednesday 19th September

Snatch from blocks to heavy single – 95kg


C&J from blocks to heavy single – 130kg

Decided not to squat. My left SI is pretty sore and my knees feel like they’re made of glass.

Today (Thursday) is supposed to be pulls, overhead work and some GPP. My body is telling me to take a rest day. I’ll re-evaluate after lunch!


Tuesday – Push and Pull

Tuesday 18th September

3×1 Sn Grip PP to OHS – 105kg

3×5 Sotts Press – 40-50-50kg

3×8 Stiff leg deadlifts – 100-110-120kg

Nice to do something different!