Jerks and Powers

I just didn’t want to train today! However, the session went extremely well! I decided to jerk to about 90% (the plan was to get a max for the day), as I felt rough. I missed 130 on the first attempt. Then the second was…well, lets call it a training make!? Now, 135 would’ve been 90% but I threw caution to the wind and jumped straight to 140. It turned out to be the best jerk of the day! Smooth, fast, straight up and down with no adjustments needed in the split! BOOM! Time for a PB attempt? Why not?

Next time, for sure!

Thursday 31st January 2013

Jerk to max for the day – 140kg

Then 80% x 1 x 3 – 112.5kg

Power snatch – 72% x 3 x 3 – 80kg

Power clean – 73% x 3 x 3 – 110kg

Great session! Bring on SINGLET FRIDAY!


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Wednesday – The Volume is Nearly Finished!

The session kicked my butt today. The front squat felt like every set was close to my max, when it was only at 84%!! I’ll be glad when this week is finished and I can get back to some quality, high intensity work!

Wednesday 30th January 2013

Snatch – 80% x 1 x 3 (90kg)

The snatch should’ve been at 87.5 but rounded it up to 90. They all felt great so I carried on through to 105 with no misses! #snatchingsucks

C&J – 80% x 1 x 3 (115kg)

2″ deficit Clean Pulls w pause at the floor – 90% x 3 x 3 (135kg)

a. FS 84% x 2 x 4 (147.5kg)

b. 45″ box jumps x 2 x 4

Work done, reps in the bank!


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Tuesday – Short & Sweet

Tuesday 29th January 2013

Power Snatch to Hang Snatch – 65% x 3 (72.5kg), 70% x 3 (77.5kg), 75% x 3 (82.5kg)

Jerk – 80% x 3 x 3 (117.5kg)


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Monday – Ever Decreasing Volume!

The volume is slowly dropping and the intensity is picking up…FINALLY!

Monday 28th January 2013


Snatch – 88% x 1 x 3 (97.5kg)

C&J – 88% x 1 x 3 (127.5kg)


2″ Deficit Pause Clean Pulls – 90% x 3 x 3 (100kg)

Back Squat – 84% x 2 x 5 (167.5kg)
In the AM session it took me 5 attempts to hit the 3 reps on both the snatch and the C&J, everything felt like crap!
In the PM session I ‘warmed up’ for the pulls by snatching up to 100kg with no misses. It felt like a different lift! This sport makes no sense!!!
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Programming is Nothing Without Application!

The London Throwdown took place at Brunel University over the weekend. 5 Athletic Evolution athletes worked their way through the online qualification process to get to the event. The event itself included elite male and female divisions and a male and female masters division. The field of athletes were from all over Europe with many of them having competed at Regional level individually and performed very well. What I’m saying, in a nutshell, is that the competition was legit and my guys performed exceptionally well! For some it was part of their pathway to Regionals and, for others, it was their first experience of top level competition.

I’m immensely proud of all my athletes but special mention has to go to Steve Fawcett (Elite) and Shelly ‘Storm’ Charlton (Masters) who both got on to the podium and finished in 3rd place.

Thanks for letting me be a part of the journey, guys. NOW ON TO THE OPEN…AND REGIONALS!!


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It was more of a fizzle out today…legs and back in pieces, hands wrecked, knees on fire…

Friday 25th January 2013

Max snatch for the day – 105kg

Max C&J for the day – 135kg

Max back squat for the day – 195kg

The snatch got pretty volumous…

50x2x1, 60x2x1, 70x2x1, 80x2x1, 90x2x1, 95x2x1, 100×1, 105×1(f), 105×1(f), 105, 107.5×1(f), 107.5×1(f), 107.5×1(f), 107.5×1(f), 110×1(f)

I pushed for the 110 as the bar was moving really well. I just couldn’t put it in the right position! On the C&J, I stood up 140kg three times! The jerk just wasn’t there today. However, after a jerk PB this week I’m fairly happy with the weeks training. Also, given the squat volume and how my legs feel I was grateful to stand up with 195!

Glad to get this week out of the way. I’m looking forward to the shift from volume to intensity!


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Yesterday & Today

Really late finish yesterday so no post. Details of the session are below. Today sees a return to MAX OUT/SINGLET FRIDAY. It will be powered by Kratos Fuel Rxd and this…


Thursday 24th January 2013

Jerk – 80% x 2 x 2 – 117.5kg, 85% x 2 x 2 – 125kg

Snatch Push Press – 70% x 5 – 77.5kg, 75% x 5 – 82.5kg, 80% x 5 – 87.5kg

Good luck to everyone involved in The London Throwdown this weekend, especially the Athletic Evolution athletes. FIngers crossed we’ll see some standing on the podium on Sunday!


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