WOD – Hip Thrusts, MUs and L Holds

July 26th 2012

4×5 Hip Bridges – 130-150-155-160kg

2 minutes rest between sets – I tried Bret Contreras’ American style bridges, check out his informative article on hip thrusts here. Here’s a video of the American style:

30 MUs for time – 10 false grip, 10 no false grip, 10 strict – 8:49

EMOM 6x10s L holds on DBs

That was GOOD fun today! How did your training go? Let me know!



It was my birthday yesterday – thanks to all those who sent me birthday messages, I’m suffering from a sugar hangover today…it was worth it though!



Being an other year older, and having recently experienced a CrossFit regional competition, I’ve been thinking a lot more about what I want to achieve from my training. Training without a goal is pointless, right? I mean; why put yourself through it if there’s no end goal? For the past 3 years it’s all been about The CrossFit Games. My 2010 attempt ended in injury (popped ribhead) as did my 2011 attempt (PCL tear). Every year, with the increasing popularity of CrossFit, the level of competition has risen. My numbers have improved too, however – the new athletes coming in have take things to a new level! It’s time to focus on something else – I love CrossFit but I want to solely focus on something else for a period of time rather than driving my body into the ground  with metcons. My body responds far better to getting strong, so that’s what I’m going to do…I’m going to lift. Which brings me neatly to some of my goals for this next year.

In no particular order:

1. Reach a 250kg Olympic total (current is 232.5kg)

2. 2.5xBW back squat (most recent is 190kg, I need 212.5kg)

3. 2xBW front squat (most recent is 160kg, I need 170kg)

4. Compete in an Olympic weightlifting event

5. Master the L hold muscle up

6. Get the Athletic Evolution athletes to the 2013 European CrossFit Regionals

I do have a few more goals, plus a few regarding my own career and my family. The career and family stuff isn’t for the blog and the 6 above are just a taster of what my focus is for the next year. Once achieved, there will be some re-evaluation. Goal number 4 will hopefully lead to further comps and who knows where. Number 6 is a goal that I can’t achieve by myself (sorry guys!). Talking of which – I have had a few spaces open up for remote coaching just in the past week. Drop me an message here if you want some more info.


Goals – SET THEM; that.is.all




WOD – GHRs, Muscle Ups and Midline

June 28th 2012

4×5 Tempo Glute Ham Raises – 3-1-x-0

3 second lower, 1 second hold at parallel, explode back to start and repeat with no pause at the top

2 minutes rest between sets

20 mins of muscle ups – alternating between no false grip and strict

4×6 standing barbell roll outs (band assisted)


Ring Complex


As promised earlier this week – the ring complex I’ve been playing around with. There is still a huge amount of work to do to get into the positions properly…

This is what I think I look like…

And this is what I ACTUALLY look like…

Definitely a ‘work in progress’!


WOD – Posterior Chain, Muscle Ups and Midline

21st June 2012

4×5 Glute Ham Raises – up to 15kg

20 minutes of muscle up play – up to 9kg for a single and also played around with holding an L hold on the descent…without the added weight!

3×3 BB TGU – up to 30kg L/R

3×10 strict T2B



June 14th 2012

Mobility – Gymnastics – Auxillary Work

Warm and mobility work for T-spine, hips and ankles. I’ll post a video of the warm-up at some point, but a lot of it looks like this!


4×5 Glute Ham Raises  – worked up to 7kg of load

20mins of ring complex – x2 Strict MUs, roll through to inverted hang to front tuck lever to inverted hang to full back lever (2 second hold in each position)


Reverse Muscle Up

This leaves me speechless…

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