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I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again…

I won’t keep you in suspense…RUNNING SUCKS!

Yesterday I hit I 5 mile run in 34:20. Whilst fairly happy with the time, my body feels like a train wreck today.


Before I post today’s workouts, just a little bit of housekeeping…

If you are not already reading the following blogs, you need to get your house in order:

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3. Jon North – Attitude Nation (Attitude Nation General and American Hero)

4. James Jowsey (‘Functional’ Movement Jedi Master)


Today’s Training

Today’s training involved two WODs. The first of which was a test for the glass shoulder and chocolate wrist that I’ve been suffering with. Once I was deep into the WOD neither seemed to bother me too much.

20 minute AMRAP


100′ broad jumps

15 V-Ups (DEMO)

9 rounds

30 minutes rest

5 rounds for time

50′ OH Walking Lunges, 1.5 pood KB

15 swings, 1.5 pood KB