Training Day

This week is my first training day of a ‘deload’ week. So I hit some movements and sets/reps I’ve not used in a while.

5RM high hang snatch – 85kg

3×8 GHR

5×5 jerk from split – 40kg (just working foot position)

My ‘RESTORING JOINT FUNCTION‘ article has been posted on Elite FTS. Check it out here.


WOD – GHRs, Muscle Ups and Midline

June 28th 2012

4×5 Tempo Glute Ham Raises – 3-1-x-0

3 second lower, 1 second hold at parallel, explode back to start and repeat with no pause at the top

2 minutes rest between sets

20 mins of muscle ups – alternating between no false grip and strict

4×6 standing barbell roll outs (band assisted)


WOD – Posterior Chain, Muscle Ups and Midline

21st June 2012

4×5 Glute Ham Raises – up to 15kg

20 minutes of muscle up play – up to 9kg for a single and also played around with holding an L hold on the descent…without the added weight!

3×3 BB TGU – up to 30kg L/R

3×10 strict T2B



June 14th 2012

Mobility – Gymnastics – Auxillary Work

Warm and mobility work for T-spine, hips and ankles. I’ll post a video of the warm-up at some point, but a lot of it looks like this!


4×5 Glute Ham Raises  – worked up to 7kg of load

20mins of ring complex – x2 Strict MUs, roll through to inverted hang to front tuck lever to inverted hang to full back lever (2 second hold in each position)