All Aboard The Tsypkin Train

The meet, at CrossFit SA1, went pretty well on Saturday. I mean, I got the total I needed – the 245 has enabled me to compete at the British Seniors in July. I almost bombed my snatch though! I pressed out 100kg, after hitting it comfortably in the warm up area. Then I threw 102 WAAY out in front. I got it done though!

The C&J was a completely different kettle of fish though. I pushed my opener up to 140, from 135. 140 sailed up, followed by 143 just 2 minutes later. With qualification confirmed I tried 150m for a PB C&J and PB total of 252. Easy clean, missed jerk…slightly gutted.

Job done though!

There were some more than decent lifters at the meet, namely Faye Pittman (75/100 at 69kg) and Jake Davies (120/140 @ 94kg). See the video for them lifting.


My training, since the Welsh Champs, has felt a little wayward. Enter my good friend and former coach, Jacob Tsypkin. Jacob is a great coach in both weightlifting and CrossFit. One of his athletes is a Juggernaut Training Systems athlete, he has two individuals and a team going to a very competitive Nor Cal Regional in May. Jacob also programs for Monterey Barbell Club (I know, he’s a busy boy!). Jacob did my CrossFit programming for a couple of years and he helped me win the UK Sectionals and finish 21st in Europe last year (with a torn bicep!). He knows my schedule, how my body works, what my lifting needs are – quite simply, he is going to help me hit a 115/155 total in Bangor – just 12 weeks away now!

Todays session wasn’t a tough session, but it was hard work. Everything was slow and laborious. Tomorrow sees the start of hitting some nasty complexes…they will be revealed tomorrow.


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Today sees a change in programming. It will look a little like this:

Monday – Snatch/C&J/Squat (%age work or variations)
Tuesday – Overhead/Pulls/GPP i.e.conditioning
Wednesday – Snatch/C&J/Squat (%age work or variations)
Thursday – Overhead/Pulls/GPP i.e.conditioning
Friday – Snatch/C&J/Squat (Max Day)

The GPP work will be short and heavy, I will, mainly, program the WODs myself but I will also pick from Outlaw, CFFB and from Jacob Tsypkin‘s CF Monterey Competition Program, depending on the volume in the WOD.

I want to see how my body responds to metcons again…wish me luck!

Talking about luck…today is day 1 of 30 sugarless days…