Normal service will be resumed on 22/10/12

Well, I think the wave might of crashed today! It’s been a tough week of training and I think next week will see a decrease in volume to help promote a little regeneration. Yesterday was a big come down from Wednesday and today was just the same.

Thursday 18th October

5×2 board snatch @ 75% (Better than Tuesday!)

3×3 push press – 100kg

Friday 19th October

Max snatch – 100kg (105 and 107 move pretty easily, just out in front ALL THE TIME!!)

Max C&J – 137.5kg

I should be fairly happy with a 237.5 total but, I’m not.

The plan for the weekend is EAT, SLEEP, EAT, SLEEP…I hope!?

Enjoy the weekend, stay strong and healthy!



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