Thursday 10th January 2013

Jerk – Max for the day – 145kg

then 80% (115) x 1 x 3

2 Position Snatch (floor & mid thigh) – 70% (77.5) x 1 x 3

2 Position Clean (floor & mid thigh) – 70% (105) x 1 x 3

Push Press – 75% (87.5) x 5 x 4


Tabata double unders



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Make mine a double!

First training day of 2013 was a double! It’s good to be back, albeit a little heavier!

Wednesday 2nd January 2013


Back squat – 75% x 5 x 5 – 150kg
Clean deadlift – 90% (of clean) x 5 x 3 – 135kg
Push press – 70% x 5 x 5 – 80kg
Jerk dip squat – 90% (of jerk) x 5 x 3 – 130kg


Muscle snatch – 40% (of snatch) x 3 x 2 – 45kg
Power clean + clean – 60% (of clean) x 2 + 1 x 3 – 90kg (2x power cleans + 1x clean)
Power jerk + jerk – 60% (of jerk) x 2 + 1 x 3 – 87.5kg (2x power jerk + 1x split jerk)

Bring on 2013


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Normal service will be resumed on 22/10/12

Well, I think the wave might of crashed today! It’s been a tough week of training and I think next week will see a decrease in volume to help promote a little regeneration. Yesterday was a big come down from Wednesday and today was just the same.

Thursday 18th October

5×2 board snatch @ 75% (Better than Tuesday!)

3×3 push press – 100kg

Friday 19th October

Max snatch – 100kg (105 and 107 move pretty easily, just out in front ALL THE TIME!!)

Max C&J – 137.5kg

I should be fairly happy with a 237.5 total but, I’m not.

The plan for the weekend is EAT, SLEEP, EAT, SLEEP…I hope!?

Enjoy the weekend, stay strong and healthy!




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Really quite tired today. This head cold is draining!

5×3 BN PP – 90-100-105-110-115

Midline – 3×10 tempo GHDs (5-0-x-0)



Tuesday – Push and Pull

Tuesday 18th September

3×1 Sn Grip PP to OHS – 105kg

3×5 Sotts Press – 40-50-50kg

3×8 Stiff leg deadlifts – 100-110-120kg

Nice to do something different!


WOD – Volume Day

June 29th 2012

10×1 EMOM – snatch at 85kg (85%)
10×3 EMOM – squat at 145kg
10×3 EMOM – push press at 85kg

This is the last week of the first wave of this cycle. We change the movement to front squat, close grip bench and clean & jerk. The auxiliary days also change. New pulling and posterior chain exercises there too. The weekly format will stay the same.

That was tough today!


WOD – Max Effort Monday


June 25th 2012

The volume load was higher on Friday but my body seems to be settling back into a lifting proram quite quickly. I felt no after effects over the weekend, whereas the first volume session smoked me! I didin’t quite manage my target on the snatch but nailed the squat and push press, with some left in the tank.

20 miutes to establish 1RM snatch – 97.5kg (I got under 100kg 3 times. Losing out the back on the first, soft at the bottom on the second and out in front on the third…it’s definitely there though)

20 minutes to establish 3RM back squat – 180kg (185kg was doable today, I think. I just want to keep the numbers rising each week)

20 minutes to establish 3RM push press – 105kg (Shoulder and wrist felt ok under the load, which is encouraging)


WOD – Volume Day

June 22nd 2012

10×1 Snatch EMOM – 80kg

10×3 Back squat EMOM – 140kg

10×3 Push press EMOM – 80kg



WOD – Max Effort Monday

18th June 2012

Today was another ME day of 1RM snatch, 3RM back squat and push press. The volume day last Friday left it’s mark over the weekend and I didn’t really fancy a max effort day today. That said, all numbers jumped up a little from last week – which is positive!

20mins to establish max snatch – 97.5kg

20mins to establish 3RM back squat – 175kg

20mins to establish 3RM push press – 100kg

Everything felt good!

On a separate note – I’m writing a post about squatting; talking about the role of the glutes and how the hip affects the knee. I’m hoping it will leave you with something to think about…stay tuned!


WOD – Volume Day

Today was the first volume (RE) day of the program. Snatch, squat and push press percentage work.

10×1 EMOM, snatch at 75% of max
10×3 EMOM, squat
10×3 EMOM, push press

a) V ups
b) Tuck Ups

The squat and push press were at 80% of Mondays MEs. 135kg and 75kg respectively. Things got a bit sweaty!

On a separate note; I had an interesting CPD day with Bob Woods, who is the physio/S&C lead with England Golf. My head is swimming with thoughts that I want to pass on. Hopefully, I’ll get something on here over the weekend!