The Texas Method

I read a post today entitled ‘What Program to Follow’ (thanks Sarah!). It mentions a few different programs, one of them being The TM or Texas Method. Justin Lascek of 70s Big has written a great ebook on the ins and outs of the program and how to apply it effectively. The ebook comes in two parts; part 1 is an introduction and outline to the program and the newly released, part 2 is for the more advanced lifter.

Justin makes a very strong and valid point in the new ebook (which I am yet to fully dive into):

‎”Diligence. That is what the Texas Method demands. It isn’t a program that can be effective when intermittently used. It requires constant wading through volume and intensity days every week to make progress”

I have used the TM, albeit for just 13 weeks. I was 6 months post PCL rupture. The program boosted my squat figures (5, 3 and 1RMs) by 20-25kg in just 13 weeks. Just small 2.5kg increases, week by week. Making sure that the volume is just enough to drive the intensity day. I started with 5×5 on volume days then shifted to 5×3 when I felt drained by 5×5. I’m starting to ramble…

Buy the book…both parts…read them…really read them, not just skim. Then start the program…SLOWLY.



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