The Texas Method

I read a post today entitled ‘What Program to Follow’ (thanks Sarah!). It mentions a few different programs, one of them being The TM or Texas Method. Justin Lascek of 70s Big has written a great ebook on the ins and outs of the program and how to apply it effectively. The ebook comes in two parts; part 1 is an introduction and outline to the program and the newly released, part 2 is for the more advanced lifter.

Justin makes a very strong and valid point in the new ebook (which I am yet to fully dive into):

‎”Diligence. That is what the Texas Method demands. It isn’t a program that can be effective when intermittently used. It requires constant wading through volume and intensity days every week to make progress”

I have used the TM, albeit for just 13 weeks. I was 6 months post PCL rupture. The program boosted my squat figures (5, 3 and 1RMs) by 20-25kg in just 13 weeks. Just small 2.5kg increases, week by week. Making sure that the volume is just enough to drive the intensity day. I started with 5×5 on volume days then shifted to 5×3 when I felt drained by 5×5. I’m starting to ramble…

Buy the book…both parts…read them…really read them, not just skim. Then start the program…SLOWLY.


Training Diary

Yesterday was my first full training day since Regionals. I’ve had 2 weeks off just running around the garden after Olivia and Noah…




   We had a BLAST!!





It also gave me time to formulate a new plan…I wanna be strong! I’m going to post my training days on here (for those interested). Jon Pamment and Dan Crisp (Owner of Reebok CrossFit Glevum) are following similar programming – so stay tuned! Here they are hitting the snatch, with Crispy making yet ANOTHER PB!


11th June 2012

20 minutes to establish 1RM snatch – 95kg

20 minutes to establish 3RM back squat – 170kg

20 minutes to establish 3RM push press – 95kg

The bicep felt ok during the snatch and I held back on the press as it’s the first time I’ve gone heavy in a few months due the chocolate shoulder and wrist!

12th June 2012

5-5-5-5-5 prone row – 80-85-90-95-90kg

20 minutes of handstand walks and piruoettes

15 minutes of front lever holds and pulls