The Need For Speed


When was the last time you sprinted…actually FLAT OUT sprinted? During lifting sessions we make sure that the bar moves at different speeds – slow lifts and O lifts, to make sure we cover the force velocity curve. Why not do that with our running too? During WODs you might have 400m runs, but under fatigue they are never going to be sprints. Even if the session is 4x400m – unless you are aiming to run them under 60s I wouldn’t really class them as sprints. Why not try running 10x40m on a 30s rolling clock or 20x20m on a 15s rolling clock. You’ll be able to running MAXIMALLY in each rep and still get some effective conditioning volume. You can even just use sprints as part of your Dynamic Effort type days – runnning 20-30m sprints for 5-8 reps with fully recovery between reps.

Why should we sprint?

Here’s just a few benefits of sprinting: 

  • Sprint intervals can improve insulin sensitivity.
  • Sprint intervals can also reduce the temporary elevation of blood triglycerides after a meal
  • Sprinting can boost growth hormone.
  • Sprinting actually increases the fat burning potential of muscle and can also improve endurance capacity.
  • Sprinting improves muscle efficiency during exercise i.e. your body can conserve more glycogen and rely on more fat for energy.
  • It’s over quickly! Studies show that sprint intervals can produce similar muscular and performance benefits as endurance training.

Check out Mark Sisson’s  blog post entitled Why We Don’t Sprint Anymore’ for some other ideas on how to incorporate more SPEED work into your routines.




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