A Great Weekend

Saturday saw the launch of the Athletic Evolution Olympic Weightlifting  Workshops at The BoatShed in Cardiff.


The workshop was packed, and everyone seemed to get a lot out of the day – some even finished off with a few PB snatches…coach even managed to PB his C&J and total by 1kg!


I’d like to say a big thank you to Pete and Mike at The Boat Shed for hosting the very first workshop, and to their members for making the day a great success and asking plenty of questions. We are now looking forward to the next one at Reebok CrossFit Glevum on April 20th.


On a completely separate note:

Giles Greenwood – a Commonwealth Gold medalist weightlifter, posted a drill on All Things Gym recently. I questioned the use of the drill and it lead to quite a lengthy debate! If you have the time, and are of a strong disposition, feel free to read the debate between Giles and Don MacCauley, on Giles’ website. ENJOY!

And as we always say…


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Yesterday & Today

Really late finish yesterday so no post. Details of the session are below. Today sees a return to MAX OUT/SINGLET FRIDAY. It will be powered by Kratos Fuel Rxd and this…


Thursday 24th January 2013

Jerk – 80% x 2 x 2 – 117.5kg, 85% x 2 x 2 – 125kg

Snatch Push Press – 70% x 5 – 77.5kg, 75% x 5 – 82.5kg, 80% x 5 – 87.5kg

Good luck to everyone involved in The London Throwdown this weekend, especially the Athletic Evolution athletes. FIngers crossed we’ll see some standing on the podium on Sunday!


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End of the working week

I’m really feeling the effects of this week. PB total from blocks (240), PB clean from blocks (150), PB triple BTN jerk (140), PB snatch (107.5) and PB total (247.5). All this maxing out has left me aching in places I never thought I could ache. My fingers, wrists, knees, spine all feel like they are going to fall off!

Friday 12th October

Max snatch – 107.5kg

I made this longer than it needed to be…


Max C&J – 140kg

This was far more straight forward!


Total – 247.5kg (7.5kg PB)

Looking forward to a nice weekend at home with the family. Good luck to all the athletes in the BWL event at Reebok CrossFit Reading tomorrow…and Team Europe in the Throwdown at The Excel tomorrow.


There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Cat

There was a great podcast on The Paleo Solution with Greg Everett talking about teaching the snatch, specifically discussing the use of the hips and, even more specifically, bar/hip contact. Listen to it here or right click  and save as… Skip to 44:22 for the piece in question.

To paraphrase what Greg is saying – there are key things that must occur for a successful lift but everyone will have a slightly different way of making those things occur.

I’ve been lucky enough to be coached by Coach Burgener at a CrossFit Lifting Cert and I PB’d my power snatch by 7.5kg after a 4 month lay off because of a knee injury.


More recently I have been following how Coach Pendlay coaches.


Also, dropping in some of Jon North’s drills into my warm ups. Again, I’m making progress.


What I’m REALLY trying to say is; you have to find what works for you, if you notice that what you are doing is helping you progress and make new PBs, GREAT! STICK WITH IT! If it’s not working, it might be time for a change.

Snatch…how do you lift yours!



I can officially say that I am a Kratos Nutrition Sponsored Athlete and a member of Team Kratos, along with some great athletes who are taking part in Train Manchester‘s inov-8 4 Nations event this weekend.  The other team members are focussing on CrossFit whereas my sole focus is now on weightlifting. Good luck guys!

There are a few guys competing in a weightlifting comp at Dragon CrossFit in Cardiff tomorrow. I can’t make it unfortunately, but it promises to be quite competitive!


It’s been a pretty good training week! PB snatch from low blocks of 100kg, new 5RM front squat at 150kg (with something left in the tank) and 3RM push press PB at 110kg. Oh, I forgot to mention today!

Friday 28th September

Max snatch – 100kg 

I got right under 107.5, only for my right elbow to go soft (as usual) and the bar nearly land on my head. It’s going high enough and back enough, just missing the timing of locking it out.

Max C&J – 137.5kg (2.5kg PB)

Max clean – 145kg (2.5kg PB)

I got stuck under 150kg. To be honest, I didn’t think I was going to get under it…it took me be surprise!


Good luck to everyone in the 4 Nations event tomorrow! Go Team Wales and Team Kratos!


Monday – That.Is.All

The UKSCA Conference was excellent this past weekend. We had the opportunity to listen to some exceptional S&C coaches talk about their Olympic preparation, rehab structure and various other performance based topics. I only attended the Saturday but Ben Rosenblatt’s presentation on occlusion training and tendon injury rehab programming was excellent. We are using occlusion training with some of our athletes that  have quite bad assymetries and L/R strength deficits. It’s nice to have top guys confirm that what we are doing is being used in the elite set ups. Barry Spiering gave a very interesting presentation on what constitutes the minimal dose required to maintain strength, power & endurance levels (many CrossFit athletes will be amazed at the outcomes of the papers he referenced!). My highlight of the day was listening to Raph Brandon, Lead S&C with the EIS (English Institute of Sport). He discussed how he programmed, monitored and prepared his athletes (many of them medal winners in London), using a conjugate training system  – hen to bias heavy work, explosive movements and body weight (jumps) and what he believes to be the optimal split of the 3. Gutted to have missed the Sunday speakers but I can’t wait to get my hands on the presentation slides!

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I love learning! #excellenceneversleeps

Monday 17th September

3×2 snatch @ 85%

3×2 C&J @ 85%

3×5 front squat @ 130kg


WOD – Snatch Grip PP & ‘The Beast’

Tuesday 11th September

5×3 snatch grip PP – 90kg across

‘The Beast’

For time:

5 Deadlifts 170kg – Strip 50kg
5 Deficit HSPU with Stripped Plates
4 Cleans at 120kg – Strip 30kg
4 Deficit HSPU with Stripped Plates
3 Snatchs at 90kg – Strip 30kg
3 Deficit HSPU with Stripped Plates

5:55 – no missed reps

Thanks to www.compwod.com for that one!