More Squat Musings…

Recently, the guys over at Lift Hard have been posting about driving knees in to come out of the hole during squats. Dan Green of Juggernaut Training Systems also posted a video about this technique.

Whilst this bucks the trend of the popular ‘knees out’ coaching cue, guess what…I agree! I posted about this in June of last year, check it out – Thinking About The Squat

Thoughts and comments please!


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Thanks to Coach MacCauley for this one! Click on the picture to check out his blog.

start squatting



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Lifting from blocks

Wednesday 19th September

Snatch from blocks to heavy single – 95kg


C&J from blocks to heavy single – 130kg

Decided not to squat. My left SI is pretty sore and my knees feel like they’re made of glass.

Today (Thursday) is supposed to be pulls, overhead work and some GPP. My body is telling me to take a rest day. I’ll re-evaluate after lunch!