Jerks and Powers

I just didn’t want to train today! However, the session went extremely well! I decided to jerk to about 90% (the plan was to get a max for the day), as I felt rough. I missed 130 on the first attempt. Then the second was…well, lets call it a training make!? Now, 135 would’ve been 90% but I threw caution to the wind and jumped straight to 140. It turned out to be the best jerk of the day! Smooth, fast, straight up and down with no adjustments needed in the split! BOOM! Time for a PB attempt? Why not?

Next time, for sure!

Thursday 31st January 2013

Jerk to max for the day – 140kg

Then 80% x 1 x 3 – 112.5kg

Power snatch – 72% x 3 x 3 – 80kg

Power clean – 73% x 3 x 3 – 110kg

Great session! Bring on SINGLET FRIDAY!


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