Jerks and Powers

I just didn’t want to train today! However, the session went extremely well! I decided to jerk to about 90% (the plan was to get a max for the day), as I felt rough. I missed 130 on the first attempt. Then the second was…well, lets call it a training make!? Now, 135 would’ve been 90% but I threw caution to the wind and jumped straight to 140. It turned out to be the best jerk of the day! Smooth, fast, straight up and down with no adjustments needed in the split! BOOM! Time for a PB attempt? Why not?

Next time, for sure!

Thursday 31st January 2013

Jerk to max for the day – 140kg

Then 80% x 1 x 3 – 112.5kg

Power snatch – 72% x 3 x 3 – 80kg

Power clean – 73% x 3 x 3 – 110kg

Great session! Bring on SINGLET FRIDAY!


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Tuesday – Short & Sweet

Tuesday 29th January 2013

Power Snatch to Hang Snatch – 65% x 3 (72.5kg), 70% x 3 (77.5kg), 75% x 3 (82.5kg)

Jerk – 80% x 3 x 3 (117.5kg)


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Yesterday & Today

Really late finish yesterday so no post. Details of the session are below. Today sees a return to MAX OUT/SINGLET FRIDAY. It will be powered by Kratos Fuel Rxd and this…


Thursday 24th January 2013

Jerk – 80% x 2 x 2 – 117.5kg, 85% x 2 x 2 – 125kg

Snatch Push Press – 70% x 5 – 77.5kg, 75% x 5 – 82.5kg, 80% x 5 – 87.5kg

Good luck to everyone involved in The London Throwdown this weekend, especially the Athletic Evolution athletes. FIngers crossed we’ll see some standing on the podium on Sunday!


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The Power of Glevum

Given the emphasis on volume in the program at the moment I haven’t seen any PBs recently…until today. I managed to get down to Reebok CrossFit Glevum to train today, which produced a jerk PB. Only 2.5kg however, it felt like there was more there – which means other PB isn’t far away!

Tuesday 22nd January 2013

Power Snatch – 75% x 2 x 3 – 85kg

Jerk – Max for the day – 147.5kg (PB)

Then 80% x 2 x 2 – 117.5kg



3 rounds:

5 Deficit HSPU

OH Duck Walk (10 forward, 10 back), 20kg

10 Double Hand KB Push Press, 16kg

A good day!


Thursday = Prep for Friday

Nice short session, in prep for maxing out tomorrow.

Thursday 17th January 2013

Jerk, max for day – 140kg

Then 80% x 2 x 3 – 112.5kg

High hang snatch – 70% x 3 x 3 – 80kg

Clean from high blocks – 70% x 3 x 3 – 105kg


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Variation Day

Wednesday 14th Novemeber

Snatch/Hang below knee/Hi hang – 95kg (all without setting the bar down – just missed the hi hang at 97.5)

Clean/FS/Jerk – 135kg (it took me three attempts…alomst like I squatted heavy yesterday!?)



MUCH BETTER TODAY! This may be a coincidence however, I didn’t take my Kratos Nutrition Fuel Rxd before my session yesterday. I didn’t make the same mistake today and I had a far better session! #rocketfuel

Tuesday 17th October

Snatch to hang snatch – 80-90-95(f)-95-100(f)-100

Clean, clean, jerk, jerk – 100-110-120-125-130




Training Catch Up – Snatch, C+J, Squats, Jerk from split and ‘Freddy’

Wednesday 5th September

Snatch from high blocks – 95kg

I posted the video on Facebook last night. I tried 100kg and failed…I just let it get a little too far out in front!

2s pause clean and 2s pause jerk – 120kg


Front squat to heavy double – 160kg

Thursday 6th Spetember

5×2 Jerk from split – 60-60-70-80-90 (This was more a technical drill than anything else today)

5×3 weighted pull ups – 38kg across


For time:

21 power cleans, 60kg

42 OH walking lunges, 20kg

15 power cleans

30 OH walking lunges

9 power cleans

18 OH walking lunges

45 cal row


Horrible – and that’s all I have to say about that!


WOD – Max Effort Monday – Wave 2

July 2nd 2012

20 minutes to establish max clean and jerk – (2.5kg PB)

20 minutes to establish 3RM front squat – 155kg (5kg PB)

20 minutes to establish 3RM close grip bench press – 117.5kg (I have no idea if this is a PB…it was heavy though!)

Today felt GREAT! I missed 135kg out in front on the jerk. The attempt was right on the 20 minute timer…definitely there next week. I think 155kg was my max today. I started to buckle a little under the final rep and it felt SLOW!

Something GOOD about lifting at Reebok CrossFit Glevum though…