Power total and GPP today

Tuesday 19th March 2013

Power Snatch – 100kg

Power Clean & Power Jerk – 130kg

A1. HSPU – 10,8,6,4,2

A2. Strict Pull Ups –

B1. 6″ Deficit RDLs – 4×6

B2. DB Bicep Curls – 4×6

B3. Band Tricep Extensions – 4×6

A bit of volume never hurt anyone, right?

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Powers and the return of some conditioning

Lower volume today because I have introduced some GPP. The plan was to build to 3 working singles and then hit the triplet. I was feeling good so after the working sets I carried on until I missed…that said the 140 PB took me 4 attempts. I missed 2, caught 1 too low, then nailed the 4th!

Tuesday 8th January 2013

Power snatch – 80% (of full snatch) x 1 x 4 – 87.5kg 

I carried on snatching through to 100kg

Power clean & power jerk – 80% (of full C&J) x 1 x 4 – 115kg

I carried on to 140 with the clean.


3 rounds:


50 DUs

20 back extensions


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Welcome Back!


Today saw the return of conditioning to my programming…only 3 months after Regionals! I felt kinda sick in the build up to it.  I felt the need to attack ‘Diane’ today. I had a complete melt down in Copenhagen during the WOD. The occasion got the better of me and I PB’d my strict HSPUs…not a good idea during this WOD. Today I attacked it the way I planned to during Regionals…the end result? OVER 4 MINUTES FASTER. It was legit too, with someone watching all the way through. Oh, by the way, day 2 of no sugar has/is going well.





Tuesday 4th September

3×5 snatch grip push press – 80-90-100kg 

I need to work on not being so soft at the bottom of my snatch…hopefully this will help.

3×5 bench pull – 80-90-100kg

Just some pulling volume, more in the tank


For time:


Deadlift, 102.5kg



I paced the HSPUs (all strict), 7-7-7, then 5-5-3-2, then 3,3,1,2,1. Pacing the deadlifts made life SO much easier too. That was another problem at Regionals…no rest between the rounds of HSPUs!

Considering this was my first metcon since the 4th event in Copenhagen (over 14 weeks ago), setting a 37 second PB made me very happy indeed! I do need to learn to kip though!

A sign of things to come? Lets hope so!


WOD – Auxillary Day and Volume Day

Thursday 23rd August

5×3 snatch pulls – 110kg

2 minutes rest between sets


3×5 snatch grip back extension – 60kg

2 minutes rest between sets


3×8 HSPU – 2″ deficit

2 minutes rest between sets

3x20s L hold

40s rest between sets

Friday 24th August

EMOM 10×1 snatch – 90kg

No misses – each rep just got better and better

EMOM 10×3 back squat – 145kg

EMOM 10×3 press – 60kg

Considering how I felt through the middle of the week, I’m really pleased with the past two days.


WOD – Board snatch, Pendlay row and deficit HSPU

August 21st 2012

5×3 board snatch – 40-50-60-60-70kg (performed in clusters)

4×5 Pendlay row – 100kg across

3×8 HSPUs to a 2″ deficit

My body is feeling tired…just a few more training days until a deload week! On a more positive note – the board snatch has really highlighted how much I am using strength to recover my positioning at the top of the pull. I have no choice but the get in my heels earlier when pulling off the board and, MAN, am I moving under the bar much faster! It will place a big role on skill days in the future!


Training diary catch up

August 15th 2012

5x Power snatch to hang snatch (full) – 82.5kg across

2 minutes rest between sets

5×3 broad jumps

2 minutes rest


August 16th 2012

5×3 board snatch – 50-50-50-50-60kg

2 minutes rest between sets

Thanks to Coach Pendlay of Team MDUSA Weightlifting for this drill


4×5 chinese style snatch pulls – 100kg

2 minutes rest between sets

Here is some video – it’s not me though!


5×5 deficit HSPU – 4″

2 minutes rest between sets


WOD – Pendlay row, deficit HSPUs, one arm row

If you haven’t read it already, check out Bret Contreras’ post – ‘Fifty Shades of Gray (Cook). It has some very enlightening quotes on functional movement, training ethos and athletic development. Check it out here.


August 14th 2012


2 minutes rest between sets

5×5 HSPUs to 4″ deficit

2 minutes rest between sets

3×8 one arm DB rows – 65kg across

2 minutes rest between sets


WOD – Hip Thrusts, Deficit HSPUs & Midline

4×5 Hip thrusts – 160-170-180-182.5kg

2 minutes rest between sets

I went for 182.5kg just to hit the 400lbs mark!

5×5 2″ deficit HSPU

2 minutes rest between sets

EMOM 4x15s L hold


WOD – Deficit HSPUs, Weighted Pull-ups and DB Rows

20 minutes to establish 5RM max deficit HSPUs – 5 inches

4×5 weighted pull-ups – 26, 30, 34, 34kg

2 minutes rest between sets

3×8 one arm DB rows – 50kg


WOD – Weighted Pull-Ups, Ring HSPUs, Levers

July 3rd 2012

4×5 weighted pull-ups: 18-24-30-30kg (it’s been AGES since I’ve done any volume of weighted chins…it felt like it too!)

20 minutes of play with ring HSPUs – 3-3-3-5-5 (again, it’s been a while! Pleased that my shoulder held out though!)

20 minutes of back levers (do these ever get easier!?)