WOD – Hip Thrusts, Deficit HSPUs & Midline

4×5 Hip thrusts – 160-170-180-182.5kg

2 minutes rest between sets

I went for 182.5kg just to hit the 400lbs mark!

5×5 2″ deficit HSPU

2 minutes rest between sets

EMOM 4x15s L hold



WOD – Hip Thrusts, MUs and L Holds

July 26th 2012

4×5 Hip Bridges – 130-150-155-160kg

2 minutes rest between sets – I tried Bret Contreras’ American style bridges, check out his informative article on hip thrusts here. Here’s a video of the American style:

30 MUs for time – 10 false grip, 10 no false grip, 10 strict – 8:49

EMOM 6x10s L holds on DBs

That was GOOD fun today! How did your training go? Let me know!