More Squat Musings…

Recently, the guys over at Lift Hard have been posting about driving knees in to come out of the hole during squats. Dan Green of Juggernaut Training Systems also posted a video about this technique.

Whilst this bucks the trend of the popular ‘knees out’ coaching cue, guess what…I agree! I posted about this in June of last year, check it out – Thinking About The Squat

Thoughts and comments please!


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What Donny Shankle Calls ‘Subordinate Exercises’

For those of you that don’t know (where have you been and what have you been doing!?), Donny Shankle is a legit Olympic Weightlifter. I mean seriously legit…the guys competed with a serious injury just so somebody else could go to the Olympics…no joke! Check out his blog here.

Donny talks a lot about ‘subordinate’ exercises i.e. accessory or additional exercises that are necessary for further development as an athlete – in his case a weightlifter. CrossFitters will generally squat, deadlift, press and do a mixture of the Olympic lifts. Is that enough? If a top Olympic weightlifter needs to do additional work shouldn’t us normal folk do some too? I actually think that ALL athletes, CrossFit or otherwise NEED additional work to compliment the traditional and O lifts. I mention this because MOST athletes do not engage their posterior musculature, glutes and hammys in particular, during most movements. This is either because of dominant quads or weak and under developed glutes and hamstrings…probably both.

Bret Contreras posted a few weeks ago on the 3 most basic lower body movement patterns – squat, hip hinge and glute bridge. Check out the post here. I definitely think that there is a place in ANY program for glute bridge and hip hinge a.k.a stiff leg deadlift (I refuse to call them RDLs). If you want to see gains in you squat and O lift numbers, these need to find their way into your program!

Check out one of Ben Bruno‘s clients, Megan Graham, performing a set of 10 glute bridges with 225lbs!

Oh yeah – I forgot to mention, ladies…glute bridges, when performed correctly, will help you get the derriere you’ve been waiting for!

If you want to accelerate your ATHLETIC EVOLUTION, you should seriously be considering what additional work you need to incorporate into your program. If you want any more advice, feel free to email me at