Athlete Profile – Shelly ‘Storm’ Charlton

Time to meet another Athletic Evolution athlete.


I met Shelly at Gatwick Airport when travelling to Copenhagen for the European Regionals of the 2012 CrossFit Games…she’s quite a character…and a bloody good athlete. In fact, she recently finished on the podium at The London Throwdown 2013 at Brunel University. She trains, and competes out of the legit CrossFit Plymouth

Q. Why do you train?

A. I train because I like to be fit. It assists me in my job as a police officer and makes me feel great.

Q. Goals for 2013?

A. My ambitions for 2013 are to place higher than my 9th place qualification In the forthcoming London Throwdown. To qualify in the top 20 for the CrossFit Games 2013 Masters Cat 40-44. I want to continue to improve as an athlete by obtaining knowledge and experience through competing and completing my Level 1 course. Oh and of course get a MU!!!!

*Note – since asking Shelly this question she finished 3rd at LTD 13 and she recently nailed 3 muscle ups! I’d better book my ticket to LA!

Q. Favourite WOD?

A. My favourite WOD is the Lumberjack 20. 

Q. Least favourite WOD?

A. My least favourite WOD is Fran.

Q. Favourite movement?

A. My favourite lift now believe it or not is The Snatch. Prior to becoming an AE Athlete I dreaded it!!!!

Q. Sporting hero, CrossFit or otherwise?

A. My sporting hero is David Weir. CrossFit I love Spealler!!!

Q. Favourite meal?

A. My favourite meal is chicken fajitas with nachos the full works.

Q. Why Athletic Evolution?

A. Coach Satts would regularly comment on videos I would post of my lifts on FB before I was programmed by him and I found implementing his advice would improve my technique. I met him at the 2012 CrossFit Regionals where I saw him compete and I was truly inspired by his finishing performance in a particularly grueling squat/pull up/STOH event! 


I needed to address my poor technical lifting ability and was looking for a way to do this. I only ever heard good things from my friends who were already utilising his skills and decided it was time to progress.


I’m mega proud of Shelly’s achievements already. 2013 is going to be a BIG year for her!


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