10 Days Out…

10 days out from the Welsh Senior Championships at Dragon CrossFit. Training seems to be back on track. I obviously respond far better to pushing a very heavy/max for the day on each lift, whether it’s a full lift or variation – rather than using %ages and lots of volume.

Wednesday 20th February 2013


Max snatch – 105

Max C&J – 140


Max snatch – 107.5

3 point snatch – 95 (I just missed 100kg from the high hang…again!)

Max C&J – 142.5

Max Clean-FS-Jerk – 125 (I made 130 pretty comfortably but my back foot slipped on the jerk…nearly split me in two! Good hip mobility exercise though!?)

Really happy with the days training. No misses in the morning, then just one miss and 105 and one miss at 107 during the snatch in the afternoon.

Lighter day tomorrow, then singlet Friday! WOOP!


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MUCH BETTER TODAY! This may be a coincidence however, I didn’t take my Kratos Nutrition Fuel Rxd before my session yesterday. I didn’t make the same mistake today and I had a far better session! #rocketfuel

Tuesday 17th October

Snatch to hang snatch – 80-90-95(f)-95-100(f)-100

Clean, clean, jerk, jerk – 100-110-120-125-130




FS/Jerk Complex and BN Jerk Triples

Today’s session started slowly. It felt like the max out back squat singles had left my CNS in tatters. However…

Tuesday 9th October

Heavy single – Front squat, front squat, jerk, jerk – 120kg

BTN Jerk triples – 120-130-140