Workshop No. 2




A great was had today…our 2nd Olympic Weightlifting Workshop went down at Reebok CrossFit Glevum (thanks, to Dan Crisp for opening his doors!). The attendees came brought enthusiasm and spent several hours on the bar, nailing positions…over and over and over again. Things really started to look good, and there were even a few PBs too!

I maxed out yesterday therefore, training was a little more subdued today…working on stuff I suck at. I did some snatch balance and no hands/no feet snatch.

Saturday 20th 2013

Snatch balance to max – 113kg

Snatch balance – 95kgx2x2

NH/NF snatch to max – 94kg

NH/NF snatch – 85x2x2


Another week in the books (the first week back working with Coach Tsypkin), and I’m frazzled!

If you are a gym owner and interested in hosting one of our workshops, just fill in the form below.



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