Friday…Max Out

Note that the title isn’t in capitals, nor is there an exclamation mark. Things kind of fizzled out today. I’m having really timing issues with my CLEAN at the moment…I mean…WHAT’S THAT ABOUT!?!? I’m wondering whether the pulls in this recent phase have messed with the bar path – I don’t know.

Anyway – I’ve made a decision to alter my training week. I’m going to switch the max day to Wednesday as I’m pretty beat up by the time Friday comes around. I’m going to try it next week and see how it goes! There’s only TWO MORE full training weeks  before the taper week leading to the Welsh Champs. I need to make a real break through in that time as I’m feeling pretty stale right now. Hopefully I am just about to jump on to a big wave which will carry me through the meet!

Friday 8th February 2013

Snatch to max – 105kg

C&J to max – 135kg

I stood up 140 and missed the jerk three times…painful!

Back Squat to max – 195kg

This felt really good, it moved pretty quickly. I wanted to finish on a positive so I left that there.

Another week in the bank…rest up and on to the next one!


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