Monday – Ever Decreasing Volume!

The volume is slowly dropping and the intensity is picking up…FINALLY!

Monday 28th January 2013


Snatch – 88% x 1 x 3 (97.5kg)

C&J – 88% x 1 x 3 (127.5kg)


2″ Deficit Pause Clean Pulls – 90% x 3 x 3 (100kg)

Back Squat – 84% x 2 x 5 (167.5kg)
In the AM session it took me 5 attempts to hit the 3 reps on both the snatch and the C&J, everything felt like crap!
In the PM session I ‘warmed up’ for the pulls by snatching up to 100kg with no misses. It felt like a different lift! This sport makes no sense!!!
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