It was more of a fizzle out today…legs and back in pieces, hands wrecked, knees on fire…

Friday 25th January 2013

Max snatch for the day – 105kg

Max C&J for the day – 135kg

Max back squat for the day – 195kg

The snatch got pretty volumous…

50x2x1, 60x2x1, 70x2x1, 80x2x1, 90x2x1, 95x2x1, 100×1, 105×1(f), 105×1(f), 105, 107.5×1(f), 107.5×1(f), 107.5×1(f), 107.5×1(f), 110×1(f)

I pushed for the 110 as the bar was moving really well. I just couldn’t put it in the right position! On the C&J, I stood up 140kg three times! The jerk just wasn’t there today. However, after a jerk PB this week I’m fairly happy with the weeks training. Also, given the squat volume and how my legs feel I was grateful to stand up with 195!

Glad to get this week out of the way. I’m looking forward to the shift from volume to intensity!


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