Athlete Profile – Sam Henderson

Sam has been with us since the start of December. He competed for CrossFit Leeds at the European Regionals in Copenhagen last year. He is currently on the Barbell Package.

Q1. Why do you train?

A1. I train mostly because I enjoy it and I like the competition. It also gives me a much needed break from uni work!

Q2. 2013 ambitions

A2. Qualify and compete at regionals as an individual. 100kg snatch, to be able to clean as much as I can jerk!

Q3. Favourite WOD

A3. Helen or anything long and gassy!

Q4. Least favourite WOD

A4. Grace

Q5. Favourite lift

A5. Snatches

Q6. Sporting Hero (CrossFit or otherwise)

A6. Hero would have to be Kevin Sinfield but I love watching Jon North lift.

Q7. Favourite meal – choose wisely; this will tell us a lot about who you are!

Q7. Spaghetti bolognese or a proper Yorkshire roast dinner!

Q8. Why did you choose Athletic Evolution?

A8. I followed the blog and Facebook page for a while and saw the results you were getting which were pretty impressive so i decided you must know what you are doing! I also wanted something more personal than some of the generic online programming and combined with the chance to get feedback on technique for the cost of the packge…it’s a great deal!

Q9. How is the programming going?

A9. I’m enjoying the programme and making regular PBs again after getting stuck in a bit of a rut doing the same thing a lot in the past. I’m enjoying doing new exercises and working off percentages, which I’ve never done before. Plus it’s nice to not have to plan your own training and have it all done for you!

Sam is progressing really well and has recently PB’d his back squat (162.5), jerk (130) and muscle snatch (77.5).

If you want to know more about the available packages then fill in the form below. Remember to check the new website for offers!


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