Last one before Christmas

Today started out really well. Energy levels up, body feeling ok. I hit a lot more volume during my snatch warm up and it seemed to help my consistency. I got thru 102.5, 105 and 107.5 in consecutive lifts. So, I decided to have a crack at 112.5…3 misses! It felt ok, I think it was the mental aspect of an unplanned PB attempt that got to me.

Weirdly for me my clean seems to be suffering from the increased volume over the past couple of weeks. 140 feels way heavier than usual coming off the floor and I’m getting buried by it in the catch and then having to work extra hard to stand it up. Which then makes the jerk (the ‘weaker’ element’) far harder! I stood 140 up twice but missed both jerks. I attempted 142.5, to give me a 250 total. Again, after struggling to stand it up, I missed the jerk.

Friday 21st December

– Snatch – heavy single; 107.5 (after the PB attempts I decided to drop the down sets)
– Clean & jerk – heavy single; 135
– Back squat – heavy single; 195  – then, 85% of that (165) x 2 x 2


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