An ‘Up and Down’ Week

I haven’t posted since last Friday when I had the most amazing session.

On Monday I did some percentage work, only up to 85% (~92.5kg and ~122.5kg). I made just 3 of 7 attempts on the snatch! Not a good day at all, something didn’t feel right at all. Monday night I fell foul of a stomach bug – along with everyone else in my house. I’m going to assume that explains the poor training session.

Tuesday and Wednesday were a complete write off. Wednesday, I could only manage some mobility/positional work.


Can you tell which side I worked on?

Thursday was my wedding anniversary and my wife and I had a long overdue day out…on our own! Yes, that’s right, we had a ‘date’!

Today, I decided to start the session very slowly. Lots of volume, only increasing the load (on the snatch) when happy with the lift. The C&J I decided to keep the weight down by hitting some triples. Here’s how the session panned out.

Friday 30th November

photo (3)


Pretty happy with the technical side of the snatch, it felt pretty consistent. I’m even happier with 3RM C&J at 130kg




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