Today I Caught The Unicorn

Today, after many weeks of failure, I caught the unicorn! I have spent the week adjusting things to help – starting further away from the bar, moving slowly and deliberately through the pull to hit better positions. IT WORKED!

No misses up to 100, then two attempts at 105 before tackling 110. Attempts 1 and 2, I lost forward. Pulling off the floor too fast and ending up in my toes. I then relied on the work done during the week. I slowed the first pull a little and BAM the bar was in my hip and I knew I had caught it! It felt no different to pulling 100…112 felt like 130! I don’t care! I caught the unicorn!

Friday 23rd November

Max snatch – 110

Max C&J – 145

Max BS – 200

That’s a 2.5 PB snatch and a 5kg PB total. I equalled my C&J and BS PBs too!

I’m going lay off maxing out, on singles at least, for a few weeks. It’s time to nail some consistency! I now know I can lift 110/145, which is 5kg more that my end of year target.


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