Friday – Max Day – Chasing 110

Well, it felt like today was going to be the day that I caught the unicorn…it escaped me once more. I have set a goal of catching the elusive 110kg beast by Christmas. I’m getting closer and closer yet, every week she manages to slip away. I catch it unaware, I move fast enough to get underneath however, my arms lag behind and I can’t seem to flip it over at the last minute to stand her up. We’ll try again next week.

Oh, by the way, we lifted to some EPICNESS today, listen to this!

Friday 16th November

Max snatch – 107.5kg (The best snatch I’ve ever made. Crisp turnover, sitting in the pocket. Only one attempt required!)

Max C&J – 140kg (I went for 145 once before jumping to 147.5 for a C&J PB. In hindsight, I’d of just attempted 145 again for a total PB…my legs were toast!)

Pleased with 107.5/140/247.5. I’ll break the 250 barrier next week.

Have a great weekend y’all


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