More Catch Up

I’m been pretty lax at posting over the past week or so as things have been busy. On Thursday I was in Twickenham for a workshop day about developing adolescent athletes, then Friday I went to an Olympian’s Dinnner at Cheltenham Racecourse to celebrate the success of the athletes in the local area, past and present. Kris Akabusi was the after dinner speaker. Whilst hugely amusing in his delivery, he spoke very well about the ‘legacy’ created by the Olympics and the need to ‘inspire a generation’. My favourite line from his talk was ‘the past is for reference, not for residence’. He did mention who made the initial quote but the name escapes me.

For those who don’t know who Kris Akabusi is…


Friday 9th November

Max snatch – 105kg (missed 7 attempts at 110, getting right under 4 of them)

Max C&J – 142.5 (just very tired!)
Monday 12th November
15×1 EMOM snatch – 90/90/92/92/95/95/95/97/97x/97/100/100x/100/102x/102x
15×1 EMOM C&J – 122/122/122/125/125/125/127/127/127/130/130/132/132/135/135x



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