Max Day – The Power of The Singlet

What a great end to the week! I felt great going into the session – my jump came out at 30.3, just 0.1 under Monday. I just had a feeling things were going to come together…

Friday 2nd November

Max Snatch – 105 (110 is frustratingly close!)

I mean, how did I miss this!?

This was my 3rd attempt in the video below

Max C&J – 145kg (5kg PB)

Max clean – 150kg

That’s a PB C&J and a PB total. I’m beyond stoked as this was my Christmas goal. My other goal by the end of the year was a 110kg snatch and that’s close too!

What a great week!


Good luck to all my CrossFit buddies competing in Divided We Fall 2012 in Swansea this weekend. It promises to be an EPIC weekend!






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