Good reads, poor training day

I came across a couple of interesting reads today.

1. Eating Lots of Carbs, Sugar May Raise Risk of Cognitive Impairment

2. Even Your Fat Cells Need Sleep, According to New Research

My training on the other hand…not so good

Tuesday 16th October

5×2 board snatch @ 75%

The drill had the desired effect of making me finish back rather than up however, I didn’t always bring the bar back with me. I think I’m going to keep the drill in on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next few weeks.

5×1 BTN Jerk – 120-130-140-150(f)-150(f)

I tried to fix my dip/drive, keeping it straight up and down – unlike the triple BTN jerk I made last week, where my dip/drive looked like a partial back squat…It didn’t work! I can’t seem to stay in my heels AND go down and up when the bar is on my back. When it’s sitting in the front rack I can dip/drive far better.

Let’s call it a ‘work in progress’ or say that I’m ‘evolving’?

What elements of the lifts are you struggling with? I’d love to know what drills you are using to rectify any of your issues.



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