End of the working week

I’m really feeling the effects of this week. PB total from blocks (240), PB clean from blocks (150), PB triple BTN jerk (140), PB snatch (107.5) and PB total (247.5). All this maxing out has left me aching in places I never thought I could ache. My fingers, wrists, knees, spine all feel like they are going to fall off!

Friday 12th October

Max snatch – 107.5kg

I made this longer than it needed to be…


Max C&J – 140kg

This was far more straight forward!


Total – 247.5kg (7.5kg PB)

Looking forward to a nice weekend at home with the family. Good luck to all the athletes in the BWL event at Reebok CrossFit Reading tomorrow…and Team Europe in the Throwdown at The Excel tomorrow.


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