Monday always hurts!

Kind of an ‘Up n Down’ session today. Snatching felt like the most unnatural movement in the world. I, also, seemed to have developed a dislike of cleans from hang. Hang above the knee used to be my favourite variation. Now I’d much rather lift from the floor every time!

Hang snatch – 102.5kg

I actually went 80-90-95(f)-95(f)-100(f)-100(f)-100(f)-102.5. I could FEEL it was there, I just couldn’t put the bar where it was supposed to go, nor time the catch very well today. The 102 felt like it was 80kg! Talk about infuriating!!

Hang C&J – 130kg

7×1 back squat – 170-180-190-200-205(f)


That’s only the 2nd time I’ve been successful at 200kg. It felt a lot quicker this time round!


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