There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Cat

There was a great podcast on The Paleo Solution with Greg Everett talking about teaching the snatch, specifically discussing the use of the hips and, even more specifically, bar/hip contact. Listen to it here or right click  and save as… Skip to 44:22 for the piece in question.

To paraphrase what Greg is saying – there are key things that must occur for a successful lift but everyone will have a slightly different way of making those things occur.

I’ve been lucky enough to be coached by Coach Burgener at a CrossFit Lifting Cert and I PB’d my power snatch by 7.5kg after a 4 month lay off because of a knee injury.


More recently I have been following how Coach Pendlay coaches.


Also, dropping in some of Jon North’s drills into my warm ups. Again, I’m making progress.


What I’m REALLY trying to say is; you have to find what works for you, if you notice that what you are doing is helping you progress and make new PBs, GREAT! STICK WITH IT! If it’s not working, it might be time for a change.

Snatch…how do you lift yours!


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