Monday – That.Is.All

The UKSCA Conference was excellent this past weekend. We had the opportunity to listen to some exceptional S&C coaches talk about their Olympic preparation, rehab structure and various other performance based topics. I only attended the Saturday but Ben Rosenblatt’s presentation on occlusion training and tendon injury rehab programming was excellent. We are using occlusion training with some of our athletes that  have quite bad assymetries and L/R strength deficits. It’s nice to have top guys confirm that what we are doing is being used in the elite set ups. Barry Spiering gave a very interesting presentation on what constitutes the minimal dose required to maintain strength, power & endurance levels (many CrossFit athletes will be amazed at the outcomes of the papers he referenced!). My highlight of the day was listening to Raph Brandon, Lead S&C with the EIS (English Institute of Sport). He discussed how he programmed, monitored and prepared his athletes (many of them medal winners in London), using a conjugate training system  – hen to bias heavy work, explosive movements and body weight (jumps) and what he believes to be the optimal split of the 3. Gutted to have missed the Sunday speakers but I can’t wait to get my hands on the presentation slides!

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I love learning! #excellenceneversleeps

Monday 17th September

3×2 snatch @ 85%

3×2 C&J @ 85%

3×5 front squat @ 130kg


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