Training Catch Up – Snatch, C+J, Squats, Jerk from split and ‘Freddy’

Wednesday 5th September

Snatch from high blocks – 95kg

I posted the video on Facebook last night. I tried 100kg and failed…I just let it get a little too far out in front!

2s pause clean and 2s pause jerk – 120kg


Front squat to heavy double – 160kg

Thursday 6th Spetember

5×2 Jerk from split – 60-60-70-80-90 (This was more a technical drill than anything else today)

5×3 weighted pull ups – 38kg across


For time:

21 power cleans, 60kg

42 OH walking lunges, 20kg

15 power cleans

30 OH walking lunges

9 power cleans

18 OH walking lunges

45 cal row


Horrible – and that’s all I have to say about that!


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